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  1. Dieseldog

    AZ NR hunters ed bonus point class?

    Has anyone heard anything on this class for Jan 2021? Will they have it this year with all the BS going on?
  2. Dieseldog

    Utah called me?

    Utah F and G called tonight my daughter said. What would they be calling for now? They said they would call back.
  3. Dieseldog

    Leupold Santiam 15x56

    Has anyone used these binoculars? If so whats your take on them. Found a good deal on them.
  4. Dieseldog

    Anyone hunt cats in AZ?

    I just had an opportunity to go hunt cats in SE AZ. Last minute deal if i go i gotta leave in 2 days from now. Is AZ known for having large cats? A buddy asked me to come down. I think i should go but how to bring it up to the wife and and tell her i gotta leave on Tuesday. Haha
  5. Dieseldog

    Heel Blister Help

    Bought a pair on Kennetrek Mt Hunters last winter. Wore them this summer and fall to break them in. Feel great. No problems on flat, downhill or mild climbs. The 3rd day of my hunt we started doing some pretty steep climbs and both my heels got blistered up bad. Any ideas what to do other...
  6. Dieseldog

    Mt. 700 antelope. What week?

    Im not gonna be able to go opening weekend and quite frankly don't want ti to fight the crowds. Is 2nd weekend noticeably quieter or should a guy wait till mid week 2nd week? I know pressure will.have them spooked but its just how its gotta be for me this year.
  7. Dieseldog

    Return MT big game combo?

    Can i return just the elk portion of my combo and keep the deer?
  8. Dieseldog

    Wy points?

    So i got an email todayfrom Epic that said you have to buy a point now for WY for elk, deer and antelope even if you applied in the regular draw. Am i interpreting that correct? That if i applied in the NR elk draw in January and was unsuccessful that i will not be awarded a point unless I do...
  9. Dieseldog

    Mini Kowa Spotter

    Has anyone used the Kowa mini spotter? Looking at adding one to the backpack to save some room and weight. Any info is appreciated.
  10. Dieseldog

    Is a 9.9 kicker worth it?

    I bought a 18ft Lund with a 135 and a front mount trolling motor. Boat will be used on Sakakawea and smaller water for walleye and pike. Is it worth it to add a 9.9 kicker?
  11. Dieseldog

    Reloading in garage?

    I currently have my reloading room in my basement. I am thinking of moving it to my garage. Anything to worry about having powder and primers in a garage environment.. It is a pole barn with spray foam insulation and is heated in winter. Usually kept about 45 degrees most of the time unless...
  12. Dieseldog

    Good home document safe?

    Does anyone have any good safes for home valuables. Not gun safe size but more pistol and document size. Like 24x18x18 or so. We are adding on a walkin closet in our home and would like to build in and frame around a document safe while doing it. What do you guys have that you like. I...
  13. Dieseldog

    Tuning help

    I can't get this tear out of my bow.. I tried most everything but going to a stiffer spine.. Any ideas?left. Hand. 29inch Halon pulling 71lbs. Easton Fmj arrows 28.5 inch with 100grn points.
  14. Dieseldog

    Replace string or not??

    I have a bow that has been sitting in its case for about 3 years since I used it last. It had new strings on it that last year that I shot it. It has been my emergency bow and I feel like shooting it this winter. Strings look good and aren't frayed or wore at all. Am I good to go with a good...
  15. Dieseldog

    West Yellowstone Snow Situation?

    Since I have a bison tag I'm trying to watch the weather in West Yellowstone. I see a weather advisory thru Mon sometime out there.. Is it dumping alot of snow? Patiently waiting for the Bison to migrate. Last report on the bison hotline was negative for any outside the park yet. If anyone...
  16. Dieseldog

    The Colorado Trail?

    Is anyone familiar with the Colorado Trail? What would be a good section or so to hike this summer with family that would be appropriate for 2 kids ages 8 and 10? Would like to spend 2 nights tenting along the way.. Any trail section advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Dieseldog

    Leupold Santiam reviews yet?

    We all know BigFin has used em but has anyone else used the new Leupolds in the field? Either the binos or the spotter? Looking to upgrade my spotter next year from my Vortex Viper HD and wondering if this is a big step up or just go to the Vortex Razr
  18. Dieseldog

    125 vs 100 hr broadhead

    Been shooting 100 gr broadhead forever. Now I'm not caught up in the speed speed speed hype. Shoot a Halon 32 at 65lb. I'm thinking of switching next year to 125gn broadheads. Any reason not too switch? Thinking there is no way it can hurt.
  19. Dieseldog

    CWD effects on deer

    So with CWD being found on the Hi Line and now some in ND supposedly. What is the real damage that it can do. It seems to have been around for a while. But when is the last time you have ever heard of a whole herd or massive die off attributed to CWD? Seems to me people should be finding...
  20. Dieseldog

    Glassing pad or chair?

    What's ur guys go to glassing pad or chair? Crazy Creek chair looks good and have a couple friends that like em. Does anyone pack in a Helinox? Right now I just use whatever piece of clothing I'm not wearing and I sit on it.

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