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  1. BRI

    Free - Remington 700 BDL stock Left Hand

    Anyone have a use for a Left hand Remington 700 BDL stock? It came from a 30-06 bought in 1987 and definitely has some wear. Nothing wrong with it that I'm aware of just took it off when I had the gun rebuilt. Figured I'd check here before throwing it away.
  2. BRI

    30-06 Dies and Brass - No longer available

    I have a set of RCBS dies and about 200 rounds of mixed 30-06 brass I will never use. Would like to give them to someone that may have a use. First looking to find someone a within proximity to make arrangements to pick up or figure out a delivery point. If that doesn't work out, might be...
  3. BRI

    WTB: Cabelas Whitetail Day Pack

    A longshot but does anyone have one they want to get rid of? A good friend has used this pack for years and it's wearing out. I can't convince him to try something else and Cabelas doesn't make them anymore. Thought just maybe someone has one lying around. I've google searched pretty...
  4. BRI

    Driggs/Victor Idaho

    Bringing the camper down August 16th - 19th and again the 23rd - 26th. I'm planning to fish a few days, golf a few days while the wife and son are doing their bike riding at Jackson and Targhee. Any one from the area with a fishing report or a tip on areas to check out while there. PM me if...
  5. BRI

    FS: Riley Lil Amigo Stove

    New, never used Riley Lil Amigo Stove. http://rileycampstoves.com/outdoorwoodstoves/rileywoodstoves.html $225 and I'd be willing to split shipping cost. From the website: The Little Amigo is a sturdy stove weighing 12 lbs. A small shelf and 5 feet of 4" pipe stores neatly inside the...
  6. BRI

    Ruger M77 Hawkeye Compact?

    Just curious if anyone has had experience with one of these? My brother picked up a 7mm-08 at a good price. With the 16.5" barrel, I've heard there's a bit of muzzle blast. Curious about the accuracy too. Going to start on some load development for it when I get my hands on it so thoughts...
  7. BRI

    FS: Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Rangefinder

    Ended up with 2 and don't need this one. New, less than 1 month old. $225 shipped.
  8. BRI

    Hey you biologists, What type of Marmot is this?

    I spent some time up in the high country near Jackson, Wyoming and came across this cool critter. At 9500' I thought hoary but have never seen one this color before. Plus it looks like their range doesn't extend this far south. Maybe yellow-bellied but I couldn't find any pictures with this...
  9. BRI

    FS: Ruger American Compact 22-250

    Posting this for a friend. Ruger American Compact 22-250, with leupold 4-12x40. Used very little. $300 for the gun only, $500 with scope. If interested, PM me and I'll send you his contact info. Located in Montana.
  10. BRI

    Tag your animal immediately!

    http://billingsgazette.com/lifestyles/recreation/elk-citation-angers-hunter-serves-as-warning-to-others/article_0528c589-8e85-5d00-a2be-df219ebf1d2d.html Pretty sure there are a lot of people guilty of this every year!
  11. BRI

    FS - MR Crew Cab Bag Only

    Mystery Ranch Crew Cab bag in coyote. Bought in 2011. Used 2 seasons, packed a few quarters. Some dirt spots but in pretty good condition. $150.
  12. BRI

    FS: 14x16 wall tent and Frame

    Selling my 14x16 wall tent with internal frame. Good shape. It's a USFS style heavy, light green canvas with doors at both ends. $500. In Anaconda, MT but would make arrangements to drive part way (within reason). Picture is not of mine but is exactly alike.
  13. BRI

    Nice lion

    My friend got this lion a few days ago and told me I could post it up.
  14. BRI

    Good bear?

    Is this a good bear? Boar or Sow? I don't hunt bears and have no judging skills. Just pulled this off the camera today. The coat looks awesome.
  15. BRI

    Deer Mount

    Many of you might remember this hunt. http://onyourownadventures.com/hunttalk/showthread.php?t=241804 I took a good buck back in 1994 that I always wanted to get mounted. So I took the cape from my 2009 buck and here's the final product.
  16. BRI

    Highway killed sheep

    Thought it might be better to start a new discussion here. Those sheep frequently move back and forth across the highway and the FWP and local sportsmans group tore out the old barbed wire fence and created a more wildlife friendly fence ther this summer. This time of year the sheep are mainly...
  17. BRI

    Montana bull

    Here is the bull I took on 9/25. 22 yard shot, 40 yard recovery. Tiny compared to Yetty's but I'll take him.

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