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    Bear Meat?

    Bear is my families favorite wild game, much more so than antelope, deer, or elk. It is mild and is more like beef than any of the others. We, make roasts, jerky, hamburger, meatloaf, sausage, and this year for the first time we smoked the racks of ribs with brisket attached and it was amazing...
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    King of the Mtn.

    Thanks for the replies. I green scored him last night and got 20 0/16...
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    King of the Mtn.

    Thanks for the replies guys...I am super stoked it all finally came together the way it did. Actually that's a .50cal Barnes Expander bullet. I took him with a single shot from a Knight Bighorn muzzleloader.
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    King of the Mtn.

    Well, I got it done the other night on a bear I have been chasing for 3 years. He was the alpha in my area and it took some time for him to slip up but luckly I was there when he did! He's in the range of 350-375lbs and he squared right on 6'6" If he measures better than 19 5/16, he'll be a...
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    Bury instead of bugs

    I only do about 100 skulls a year but I pride myself on customer satisfaction, and attention to detail. I don't leave anything to chance or to the elements...and I never boil anything.
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    Bozeman area taxidermist with beetles

    I don't use beetles and I'm not in Montana, but people ship to me all the time. I never simmer or boil my methods use maceration, and I have about a 90 day turrn around time. http://
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    Wolf / Bear / Mtn. Lion Skulls

    It just depends on size, age, and condition generally between $10 and $70. Naturally, extra large, deformed and hard to find specimens are worth more. Shoot me a note and let me know what raw skulls you have and their condition. including the teeth. I'd take in a couple mature cow elk and bear...
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    Wolf / Bear / Mtn. Lion Skulls

    I am interested in buying raw Wolf, Bear, Mtn. Lion Skulls. If you have something you'd like to sell let me know...text / call 208-409-5067 or PM is fine. Thanks. Greg Browne
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    Daughters first whitetail buck

    That's awesome...congrats to you both.
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    Avoiding Canned Hunts

    I bait bear every spring on federal public land...would'nt miss it for the world. Theres always lots of competion, and very wary bears are the norm. Try scouting new spots, collecting large amounts of bait, hauling it a couple of times a week and and finally hunting your chosen stand all while...
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    Rolands 2014 badlands bruiser

    The smile says it all...Congrats!
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    Slump Buster!

    Super nice buck, congrats!
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    Antelope skinning

    That's my method...
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    Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunt

    You and your boys will keep those memories forever. Congrats!
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    Antelope rut

    I shot a buck Monday that was rutting hard and stunk to high heaven.
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    Just a little guy for me this hunt...I love these animals.
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    Nevada Pronghorn Adventure

    Awesome buck! Congrats to your buddy...way to bring some luck, Mike.
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    Bury instead of bugs

    Gellar, PM sent.
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    Hi Gellar, I saw your post about needing skulls from time to time for for your line of work, so...

    Hi Gellar, I saw your post about needing skulls from time to time for for your line of work, so I thought I send you a quick message. I have a small skull shop and do excellent quality. If you are interested, please check out my website where I have a decent...
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    Bury instead of bugs

    I'll stick with my above ground methods.