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    Shoulda ate the sheep nuts!

    I wonder by the thumbnail picture how many thought you were going to eat raw nutts... My only experience eating testis was eating rocky mountain oysters during my honeymoon.... Didn't get any kisses the rest of that day 😁
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    Good Stuff

    Dad Goals 👆
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    Pants for the tall...

    I'm in the same boat at you... too tall... Only company I can get jeans in my size is Berne work pants
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    Wow What’s happening here?

    I have only been on here a couple months as well. A lot of nice folks have reached out to me when I have questions and are happy to give any pointers that will help me out in future hunts out west. There are always bad apples in every batch. I used to think Wisconsin had the greatest people in...
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    I've about had enough

    "A HUNT BASED ONLY ON TROPHIES TAKEN FALLS SHORT OF WHAT THE ULTIMATE GOAL SHOULD BE," -Fred Bear I would assume the Ying Yang falls far from the category of a hunter. Sorry for the headache Randy and Buzz. Hope this doesn't hinder what you guys do.
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    Hello from Chicago

    4!? I need to get on your level!
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    Marriage 2.0

    That was the price for a 1/4 cow as stated. Full cow $2050.00 If everyone else was charged the same processing fee then $2550.00 Check back at number 2. The cost as a NR tag in my eyes... priceless :cool:
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    Marriage 2.0

    I'm not disagreeing with the women on the podcast... and I am not an expert at anything.... I am just questioning if hunting brings cheaper meat...? I find that the cost of hunting an elk/deer is cheaper for food.... Let me explain. We split a cow with my in-laws and sister-in-laws family...
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    Successful Walleye Trip!

    I'm hungry now
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    Idaho Caribou are no more

    I sure as heck didn't know
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    Methods to keep quality of frozen fish longer?

    That's a great point if your city water taste like chlorine I wouldn't take my soaking method with water. For others soaking in Milk is scientifically proven to take away the "fishy taste" out of your fish. I don't waste milk though. I was raised on well water.
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    Methods to keep quality of frozen fish longer?

    Our process. 1. Once you have just fillets of fish. Let soak in water(some soak in milk) overnight. Make sure they are fully submerged. This lets all the blood drain from the meat, on top of cutting the throat like others stated above. 2. Freeze in a big zip lock bag full of water. As stated...
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    Hello from SD

    OnXMaps became my best friend this past year. Wished I had it when I moved to IL. You do live in one of the best states in the Country for fishing.... In case you didn't know. The only one I found to be better was ND. You don't even need a boat! Welcome to the HT forum. Thanks for your service
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    How Cold Is Colorado In the Beginning of May?

    Bad this year huh? You guys will have to let me know come mid-April unless you know it will be that bad.... I can delay a couple weeks if need be.
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    How Cold Is Colorado In the Beginning of May?

    Might do a three day weekend trip to Colorado for scouting and shed hunting in unit 18. I was planning on packing in with a small tent and sleeping in the woods unless some people tell me its to cold at that time...? Or.... roads are not clear yet?
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    Video editing

    If you are looking for free, Shotcut is what I use for video editing. Not sure if it has a highlight though... I'm still learning
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    good sale on trail cams stealth cam

    I'm late to the convo, but like Rzrbck918 I use Moultrie too. The link is the exact camera I bought. I have had it for just over a year now with no bad sign. Being from the cold area I do pull my cameras mid December and don't put em up until spring thaw. That practice has kept me all my trail...
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    So for you fellers in snake country/ or any snake experts out there. Are your high boots such as this one with jean over top good enough for snakes or can snakes strike higher...? Therefor needing gators?
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    Joining the Illinois Exodus

    Its South Peoria that's the worst, and unfortunately that's between me and work and... where my first deliveries are. If you can believe it I was caught in a raid/ sting operation not sure what to call it. I was doing deliveries and got caught behind two cars in the ghetto. First car was going...
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    Joining the Illinois Exodus

    Don't hit a pot hole on your way to the gas station! 😂😂😂