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    King of the Mtn.

    Well, I got it done the other night on a bear I have been chasing for 3 years. He was the alpha in my area and it took some time for him to slip up but luckly I was there when he did! He's in the range of 350-375lbs and he squared right on 6'6" If he measures better than 19 5/16, he'll be a...
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    Wolf / Bear / Mtn. Lion Skulls

    I am interested in buying raw Wolf, Bear, Mtn. Lion Skulls. If you have something you'd like to sell let me know...text / call 208-409-5067 or PM is fine. Thanks. Greg Browne
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    April Bear

    This is the earliest I taken a bear, maybe ever. I usually have success in late May or early June. Here's my boar from yesterday. [/URL]
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    Boise Concrete Company

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced concrete contractor in the Boise area, to do an addition to the driveway at my house...just plain flatwork. Know of anyone who wants work and does a good job?
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    Idaho Archery Buck

    I had a good outing yesterday, I sat with this guy for a couple of hours and never really expected it to work out...but it did :)
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    Idaho Buck

    Well, I got out yesterday and manage to put one down. Not my biggest or my smallest, I'm just really stoked I held out for one of the mature bucks in the area...I had another buck come within a 100yds and watch me field dress this guy for about 20 minutes.
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    Measurer in Boise Area?

    I tried a couple of people and they are either no longer scoring or they don't me call back. Anybody know of a P&Y or B&C measurer who'd be interested? It's a simple score of a Pronghorn.
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    Idaho Pronghorn 2012

    After 6 days of hunting I finally got a crack at this guy and sealed the deal!!! I passed on a bunch of small bucks to score my best yet with a bow. Figures, I forgot my camera...sorry for the cell photo.
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    Idaho Aug. Bull

    This moose has been hanging around my bro's place, eating the irrigated yard plants.
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    Scouting photo Idaho

    I went out yesterday and even though I didn't see a lot of goats, I did find this guy... Sorry for the photo quality he was 400 yds out and I shot it through a spotter. Typical for southern ID, small prongs, what I do like is his mass above the on! Oh ya, I killed a yote...
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    When Are Horns...

    on antelope done growing for the year? Thanks. GB
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    Idaho Blackie

    I lucked into a nice boar the other night. In fading light, I managed to make a good shot with the muzzleloader. He only made it about 50 ft. before piling up...right in a mud hole.
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    Garmin GPS Choice

    I know there's history on these models and they are both good units...which one would you get. The 450T for $279.00 or the GPSmap 62s for $369.00? Is the 62s worth the extra $90.00? Thanks. GB
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    Meg's Bird

    We had one free weekend before bear season so we went for it. I called in 2 jakes and after they strutted around us for what seemed like forever, Megan made a great head shot at 15 yards to crumple her first turkey.
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    Double Bull Dark Horse

    I need a new blind and I'm wondering if the Dark Horse is a good choice? I am looking for something a bit bigger than the $100 bargain specials so I can take my kid with me some days. The 180 degree opening seems like a great feature, too. Any of you using this blind? How is the setup...
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    Learning the ropes

    I got out this week with my daughter Megan and helped her fill her doe tag. I put her on the deer and she pretty much did the rest. A 100 yard stalk, 2 lung shots from her 7mm-08 and her deer was done. She even did a lot of the butchering duties on her own with just some coaching and lifting...
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    The 8500 ft. buck

    In 4 days of hunting I saw 15 forkies and this guy...I told myself a day earlier that any 4X4 would be in trouble, and here he is... This hillside was covered deep with a couple of feet of snow two weeks ago.
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    hartebeest Headache

    Not really a joke, but it's still kinda funny none the less.
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    Idaho Draws...any luck?

    All I drew is an X tag in 23 for whitetail does. Good part is, I will be hunting with my daughter. :D
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    Any baiters this spring?

    I know it's been slow going with the weather, but I had to get out and set up a site. I'm still in the first week so we'll see. Anybody else giving it a go?