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  1. ElkFever2

    Hunting Meme Thread

    I wonder what his “trailer limit” is before he’s too drunk to back in one more boat
  2. ElkFever2

    Hello from LV

  3. ElkFever2

    Minnesota 2020 Season

    Fun times! Can’t wait to chase WT with my bow too
  4. ElkFever2

    Too many hunting interests?

    I try to do a little bit of everything each year...then I regret not spending more time pursuing several species by the time the year is over. Turkey, archery WT, and out-of-state trips get the most time, and I’ll make a point to spend at least one day a season on squirrel, cottontail, dove...
  5. ElkFever2

    Fun evening with the boys

    Great family memory. Way to go, dad!
  6. ElkFever2

    Cow Elk Hunt WY-31

    He’s also 15-16 y.o. https://www.hunttalk.com/threads/easiest-places-to-draw-moose-goat-and-sheep-tags-for-youth.296091/ Maybe go a little easy on a youth hunter? @CarsonSmithElkHunter, tell you what - I’ll be in WY Oct 4-11 for a pronghorn hunt, and after I fill my tags (I’m guessing 2-3...
  7. ElkFever2

    Sharptail morning

    Fun times! Congrats
  8. ElkFever2

    1st buck.

    Well done! The kid’s smile says it all
  9. ElkFever2

    2020 Frank Church hunt.

    Quite the adventure! Thanks for sharing
  10. ElkFever2

    Hello from Central FL

  11. ElkFever2

    Minnesota 2020 Season

    Good luck and have fun!
  12. ElkFever2

    Another Texan

  13. ElkFever2

    UK Hunter

  14. ElkFever2

    Posting from a hospital bed

    Prayers sent - hang in there!
  15. ElkFever2

    EF2’s 2020 Fall Hunt

    My wife was occupied with the twins Monday so I got to “sub” for my daughter’s preschool/homeschool for a couple hours. We picked leaves for an art project, and I brought along an unloaded gun to normalize for her walking around in the woods armed. She heard a squirrel chatter quite a ways off...
  16. ElkFever2

    Hunting for Deer in the Mountains

    How are you able to kill a deer without camo - I don’t get it 😄😄
  17. ElkFever2

    Wyo Elk Management "Decade of the elk"

    Congratulations on your retirement!
  18. ElkFever2

    Hello from montana

    Welcome from IA
  19. ElkFever2

    Texan bucking the trend

  20. ElkFever2

    missing top-gun

    No kidding...I found the same harping across numerous other forums. He’d bring it up even when it wasn’t really relevant to the conversation. It was kind of annoying until the guy took a turn for the worse. Then it became endearing.