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  1. TexAg09

    Best weather app

  2. TexAg09

    Best weather app

    Time to revive this thread... I'm having issues with weather underground loading properly. What other weather apps do y'all like?
  3. TexAg09

    Orange vest recommendations?

    +1 for the Browning vest
  4. TexAg09

    Choosing pack

    Glad I could help out. I love helping other people spend their money on sweet new gear. Try to keep this one. Haha!
  5. TexAg09

    German Hunter in Texas

    Welcome from the Austin area!
  6. TexAg09

    Choosing pack

    The Sawtooth 45 might be exactly what you're looking for. Slightly bigger (by almost 250 cubic inches) than the Pintler, and doesn't just open from the top.
  7. TexAg09

    Fleeing California

    Austin is actually on the Colorado, not the Brazos, but Austin is already about as close to Cali as it can get. The Austin City Council just voted to defund the Austin PD by $150 million so.... P.S. we're already bracing for more with Tesla coming to town. We already have too many Californians.
  8. TexAg09

    Backcountry hunting and extra ammo?

    8-10 with a full box at the truck.
  9. TexAg09

    Backcountry reading material

    I love Elmer Kelton's western novels. He was a great writer in my opinion, and will give you plenty of options for the "ranching" category you're interested in.
  10. TexAg09

    Looking for recommendations on duck calls.

    I prefer a single reed. I feel like it's easier for me to get a consistent sound, but you'll get a ton of different opinions. I love my RNT Original. My advice would be to get a couple of cheap calls in different style before you buy an expensive one. That way you'll know what you like better...
  11. TexAg09

    Dove Decoys - yes or no

    I use both still and motion decoys here in TX. In my opinion both help to varying degrees. I've never seen them flair birds either.
  12. TexAg09

    best backpacking pack around $350 mule deer and elk with a meat shelf

    I've had good luck with Slumberjack packs in the past. Just another option to research, but I do feel that MR are better packs.
  13. TexAg09

    $20k+ and what to do?

    If it were me.... I know it won't cover it, but I'd put it towards purchasing some solid hunting land that is near by. You mentioned you're frugal, and already take some trips out west. If you can continue your trips out west I'd do that, but also have a place that you can hunt close by. That...
  14. TexAg09

    How tall a boot?

    9" uninsulated with most of my backcountry hunts taking place in late Oct in Utah.
  15. TexAg09

    Favorite hunting and fishing themed songs.

    While I love the bird hunters by Turnpike and 5lbs bass by REK this one is a personal favorite because it always reminds me of my Grandpa. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
  16. TexAg09

    Tarps 101?

    Howdy everyone! Tarps have been starting to peak my interest, and while I've got a great giant silver tarp from walmart just sitting in my shed I'm thinking that's probably not the kind of tarp most of you use in the backcountry haha! However, there seems to be more to a light weight tarp than I...
  17. TexAg09

    Almost a really bad scouting trip

    A buddy and I decided to duck hunt by kayak on the Colorado river outside of Austin in Dec 18. We made sure we were legal on everything, found a nice big bend in the river ahead of time on google maps, checked the river flow online, and made a plan to put in upstream of the bend a couple of...
  18. TexAg09

    Mountain bike repair questions

    +1 for replacing cable, chain and cassette. I'd bet money they all need replacing. I only know because I've been in the exact same boat. The easiest thing in the future is to keep an eye on your chain, and replace it when needed. It will save your cassette. There is a cheap tool you can get to...
  19. TexAg09

    High Country Mule Deer Trip - Lessons Learned

    There has been a moment on every hunt when I think "how TF am I going to get this done?" Just grind it out. Just be prepared to have a moment or two like this, and know that you can get it done. (Whatever task might make you think that, but it usually hits me with the thought of actually getting...
  20. TexAg09

    Greetings from Texas!!

    Welcome from the Austin area!