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  1. mdcrossbow

    Little ride with Jimmy

    She thinks she is my wife and anywhere I go she is right there.
  2. mdcrossbow

    Iowa Turkey tags

    Thought I'd pass this on. This year because of CV-19 you can buy Turkey tags over the counter. FYI
  3. mdcrossbow

    I'm not new , Been off most forums for a while.

    I've taken up the Harley and Turkey hunting. Not much deer these days But I did get my 1st 3x3 Sika this year. Haven't done much painting in a while. I did a nice Mule Deer and Mt. Lion though a few years back. Some of you may remember me. A friend who is retiring from the county is looking to...
  4. mdcrossbow

    I'm getting my butt kicked

    The 1st time out I saw the Ole whilly Tom with 2 hens...OK I figured I had his number , where he was hanging his hat and chasing the ladies. So next time out I set up and he went the other way. So this morning I set up in an area where he headed too the last time and game a few tree yelps and...
  5. mdcrossbow

    stories of the hunt

    Last Saturday morning; Jake and I get in about 30 minutes before light, No birds were gobbling all morning. Then I see two hen's making there way across the field about 100 yrds out. then the tom follows I called a few times and a few times he raised his tail feathers but heck would you leave to...
  6. mdcrossbow

    Dogwoods blooming yet ?

    I took my son back to school down in Va yesterday and we stopped to check the sign out on one of the farms we are going to hunt Saturday morning coming up. a 10 acre hard wood stand was cut last year and the birds are making there way along the back edge so Jake and I built a ground blind...
  7. mdcrossbow

    Opening Day.

    I do not live near the property I hunt which is 2 hours south in Va. Last year I had a Boss Tom working this other small farm I hunt and SO I have decided to take a chance are hunt that area this your opening day. I know birds will move from area to area.. Question: but do they maintain a home...
  8. mdcrossbow

    Camo out , what do you use ?

    regular camo, face paintor head net or gilly suit or pop up blind ? or do you just prefer plopping down to a big old oak and calling ? I usually carry a cloth piece of camo about 8'x4' and folding sticks to set up a quick blind or the tree umbrella.. Or I ware the gilly suit. Or are...
  9. mdcrossbow

    Next time the telemarketer calls
  10. mdcrossbow

    No plastic or glass

    all organic, This sounds great. For some reason the antler {Elk Rosette gives out a nice sound, I also made the striker out of Cocobola {Bowl} and the striker rod from Ron Ron or Rum Rum wood both from Costa Rica. Fits in the palm of your hand and good grip while striking. Sounds is...
  11. mdcrossbow

    It's the off season so I started

    painting again This is 7x10" inks on paper and so far about 15 hours into it with about 7 more to go. Added a little more to the painting last night. But I had to stop for a while during NCIS and NCIS LA
  12. mdcrossbow

    rat killis , cajun style

    Cajun rat killin Boudreaux was out in da field talkin' wit his frien Thibodeaux. Thibodeaux said, "Boudreaux, you see dat ole barn out dere? Well man, it's completely infestered wit rats. I tried everything I know an can't get rid of dem." Boudreaux say, "Thibodeaux, I know xactly how to get...
  13. mdcrossbow

    We got hammered

    Might not be what many of you are used to getting but 25-30" on snow in DC , the entire town is shut down. To bad it can not stay this way. LOL I have been out driving emploies for the local hospital the past 2 days. No trafic on the roads, real;y no body is out I love it.
  14. mdcrossbow

    Bearded Hen or Tom

    Which one would you shot ?. I have a Bearded hen running around in a group of 27 hens. 1st bearded hen I have seen.
  15. mdcrossbow

    Tree stand hunting

    Sunday watching a show on the hunting channel I saw where this guy put a tri pod up against a cedar and said "We have learned a few things from our Eastern hunting partners about getting above the deer" Just wondering , how many guys out west hunt deer from the ground? Is it common practice to...
  16. mdcrossbow

    6 days to hunt

    Anyone still out there ? Long season coming to a close for bow hunting the 30th. I will be hunting for a few more doe's in back yards. I still have my 2 buck tags left to fill but that seems unlikely.
  17. mdcrossbow

    Hunting on the Reservation

    I been talking to Clayton in SD Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. PM me if your interested. The hunt is 15 $ for reservation fee , no lic. 100 $ per, bird you can buy 2 tags when you sign up and you can buy more tags when your there if there available.$500 for the guide plus room and board. I will...
  18. mdcrossbow

    Hunting the reservations

    I did a hunt in SD on a reservation, I had to enlist a guide but I did so only for a semi guided hunt. He dropped us off and we did our own scouting. I am wondering if you or any of you have hunted the Reservation?
  19. mdcrossbow

    every bow hunter should

    experience this in the late season at least once. My son Jarrod was out yesterday and saw "The Herd" in the vicinity of 100 deer come running under him. He said there was the big 10 with the double drop's and 3 other big 8's 140's-160's, I told him that is a cool sight to see when they all get...
  20. mdcrossbow

    late season bow kill

    Well after hearing from the land owner that this nice 10 was chasing doe's all last week he told me to get him. I have been sitting on stand all week and tonight about last light I was ready to get down and I have 4 smaller bucks under me. One a 16" 8 a 6 and a 4 and a spike. There heads poped...