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  1. Grizzley

    WTB MR Longbow Pack Only

    If you have a Longbow that you want to sell PM me. They are $189 new. Thanks Grizzley
  2. Grizzley

    New Mexico Emails are going out!

    Got the e-mail today! New Mexico Elk here we come!
  3. Grizzley

    BLM, Forest Service and Nevada Ranchers

    This is link is entertaining but too one sided. If Buzz, Big Fin, Jose, Miller and all the old timers are all on the same side of the issue then the only thing left is to create a new thread that pits them against each other and really start the learning process for all the newcomers! Since...
  4. Grizzley

    BLM, Forest Service and Nevada Ranchers

    This may really show my ignorance but I WAS a Fox News watcher until this story. I understand the idea of partisan politics and news reporting but after listening to Hannity, Kelly, and the others that support this criminal of a so-called rancher I just can't see past not following the law and...
  5. Grizzley

    BLM, Forest Service and Nevada Ranchers

    Thanks for taking time to reply...It is an education when reading posts on this site. What appears to be cut and dry in newspaper or on TV is often times one-sided. Thanks again!
  6. Grizzley

    BLM, Forest Service and Nevada Ranchers

    In the last two days I have watched or read about conflicts between Nevada Ranchers, BLM, and the Forest on Fox News last night and the other article on the Fox website. All of you are more informed than I, so I would like to hear a few of your views on this. Buzz you out there?
  7. Grizzley

    Badlands Summit ?

    I thought someone called a meeting in the Badlands that I missed! I got excited for a moment!
  8. Grizzley

    New Mexico Oryx

    Very nice Buzz...the only thing I enjoy more than looking at the animals you harvest is reading your posts as you dismantle those who cross your opinions. That was a compliment!
  9. Grizzley

    The Influence of Buschy and Dinkshooter

    An Este Lauder Ad on the side scroll of the Hunt Talk Site? Did I miss something or did they come out with a new line of camo face paint? Dinkshooter and Buschy are the only two people on this site that I know currently using their products! Now there is a "Create Your Zwinky" which is a...
  10. Grizzley

    The Fragrance of Grass

    Shoots-Straight...kind of thought that when I first posted the questions. While reading the book it kept brining me back to posts I have read on this site about men, their dogs, the outdoors, killing, hunting, love of food, camping, spending time with people of like interests, learning from our...
  11. Grizzley

    The Fragrance of Grass

    Just finished this book The Fragrance of Grass written by Guy de la Valdene. I have mixed emotions. Wondering if anyone has read the book or this author? What are your thoughts about the themes in this book?
  12. Grizzley

    New elk pack suggestions?

    Crew Cab gets my vote...antelope, deer, elk it has worked great for 1 day to 4 day trips. Super tough and versatile. Check for a used one.
  13. Grizzley

    Thanks Montana

    To all of you in Montana...I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for making sure the laws in your state allow nonresidents access to both great lands and a reasonable priced tag but most importantly for providing me with a great place to pitch a tent, hike, and to hunt. A good friend of...
  14. Grizzley

    WTB Wall Tent

    Looking for a GOOD used wall tent. Anyone cleaning out? Send PM if you have something...will get back to you as soon as possible... Thanks Grizzley
  15. Grizzley

    March Madness - 2013

    I think I watched 10 min in the last two years...Beginners Luck...randy just bring my prize when you come to Bismarck!
  16. Grizzley

    Hey where is my turkey burrito?

    Hey where is my turkey burrito?
  17. Grizzley

    Bismarck, North Dakota: How to kill time??

    Jose, What are you doing in Bismarck? Dressed like your picture you should just head over to Mandan's Silver Dollar...Stripper Bar! You'll find Buschy there if you go before 11:00 AM. Try the Pizza Burger Flyin Style at the Big Boy...The east end of main street...not the healthiest but at...
  18. Grizzley

    The chase for a Montana Bull Elk - [HD video]

    Thanks for posting a great video. Enjoyed every minute!~
  19. Grizzley

    It`s Friday...but Sunday is coming!

    Thanks for posting Genesis273! Have a wonderful Easter!
  20. Grizzley

    Best day yet!

    DHaffner, Enjoy those times...seems like yesterday and now my oldest is getting ready to leave the nest! Awesome video! I remember the days of a new bride and the youngest in the boat catching eyes!