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    Republican or democrat?

    They are allowed in NC now. I don't see them as being much different than a compound bow, but I will never use a crossbow. I really think we need a primitive weapons bow season where compounds or crossbows are not allowed, and a muzzleloader season where modern muzzleloaders are not allowed...
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    Republican or democrat?

    I believe most people think of political parties as a team, they are on one team so they hate the other team. I guess I am not a team player. I disagree with so many things that each party supports that I cannot blindly follow either one. I think we need to do away with parties and just vote for...
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    I have a Delorme, but the screen is too small and you cannot use Huntingmaps on it. My next one will be a Garmin, maybe a touchscreen.
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    Conservation Funding Could Become Casualty of Gun-Control Battle

    The gun market is going strong, even in this bad economy. So of course they want to kill it. Our politicians make no sense to me.
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    OYOA - Big changes coming

    Congrats! I am really looking forward to the new show!
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    De-boning, etc...

    I always do my own. Here the weather is always too warm to let it hang, so I have an extra refrigerator in the garage. I debone it all and let it age in the refrigerator for a few days. In addition to roasts,steaks, and burger, I always make sausage and jerky. I have a commercial meat grinder my...
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    Hunttalk Buyback program

    Does anyone have a picture of this thing which tells time? I have seen plenty of Red Ryders, but never seen one with a compass or this thing which tells time.
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    Hunttalk Buyback program

    I figured the people selling guns in buybacks were getting rid of stolen or broken guns. They had one in Charlotte a few years ago and the guns looked like junk. I am in for some bargain gun buying though.
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    Forum Newb

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    Finally dove in

    Great picture! I can't wait to see more.
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    My Introduction in Photos

    Welcome to the site. Great looking arrows!
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    Made Jerky. When Is It "Done"?

    Sounds to me like it is just fine. I think the cure helps to preserve it, otherwise I would like to have mine less salty. I usually make mine with ground meat and a jerky shooter because that way I can use all the small pieces. And I like it a little softer too. I usually make a big batch and...
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    Grinding our own for 1st time-suggestions?

    I try to remove all I can, but some is deep inside some of the muscles, and I leave it. It is really personal preference. You are the one that is going to cook and eat it.
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    Suppressor on hunting rifles

    I wish the people target shooting near me all had suppressors. My neighbor likes to target shoot at night, I can't figure out why, and he definitely needs one on all his guns. His house is only about 100 yards from mine. We have very lax gun laws in my county, which I like, but target shooting...
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    Screen names & avatars

    I live in North Carolina, hence the NC. I also love to hunt, hence the Hunter part. I will hunt anything I can, elk, deer, grouse, squirrels, rabbits, quail, turkey, doves, crows, etc. I also love to fish when I am not hunting.
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    Idaho Thanksgiving Bucks...including a first!

    Nothing is better than family traditions.
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    Feels Like I Was Gut Shot.

    Good luck with your recovery. I hope all goes well with your test results.
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    I killed a delicious elk yesterday!

    Wow! You had a great day! What time is dinner? :D
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    Versatile Dogs and Handling???

    I don't know anything about field trials, but it sounds like you have a great dog that works perfectly for the way you hunt.
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    End of an era.

    I'm sorry for your loss. We had a scare with my dad last week, but he got to go back home Saturday. I lost a grandfather, who I was very close to, a few years ago so I know what you are going through. We will always have our memories with us though and that makes it a little easier. No not...