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    How do you to Judge deer ?

    Relationship from anlter spread to ears. If they come to the ears that means they are around 27-28 wide. I like trash no trash and a must of 3 pts. But first I try to look for a tag in my mail! lol
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    California Bull 427-5/8 gross

    Whoooly Shmooly!
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    [ and My elk was over 380 our story was in the dec Jan issue of eastmans. My dads deer was 208. mine 185, and my bros 175 with 3 broke. 34" 29" 28 1/2 wide. <FONT COLOR="#800080"...
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    yeah I'm not the best at computers. There on mm so if someone wants me to email them and post let me know. The red x bucks are a very very hard tag to draw. I also have pics of 3 red x bulls. too bad I cant get a real tag.
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    these are the bucks we got on the strip this year.