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    NC gun season

    Tomorrow is opening day of gun season in the area I hunt in. I am really looking forward to it. First rifle elk in Colorado was a bust so I will have to fill the freezer with whitetails. I am out of work now and with unemployment only paying half what I made before, I need the meat. I have been...
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    Colorado 1st rifle

    Heading out to Colorado tomorrow for !st rifle elk season. It has been 2 years since I have been elk hunting. I can't wait. We are going to be on the east side of the Flat Tops.
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    Buck Commander BlackGorge Pack for Elk?

    Has anyone seen the Buck Commander Black Gorge Pack? It looks almost exactly like the BlackHawk Black Gorge pack that is now discontinued. It is a daypack that expands to haul meat. They have it at Cheaper Than Dirt for $109. I like the design and looks of the pack, but I have not seen one in...
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    Elk Calls?

    I know it is a little early to be thinking about elk season. But I would like to know which calls you guys have had success with. I want to improve my chances this year. Thanks.
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    Elk Guide?

    I have a friend who wants to surprise her husband with a guided elk hunt for his birthday. What a wife! She asked my advice but I have never used a guide. Who would you guys recommend?
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    Wild Within Moose Episode

    Did anyone see the moose episode of Wild Within last night? I think I am going to hitchhike on my next hunting trip and save some money on gas.:D
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    GP tents for cold and snow?

    Does anyone have experience with the military GP small tent? Will it work well in cold weather and snow? I need an economical tent for hunting and there is a place here in North Carolina that sells new and used military tents. The GP small is $ 375 used or $ 640 new, including poles and stakes...
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    horse rental?

    I am planning an elk hunt to Colorado this year. Does anyone know someone that rents horses or mules? I am planning on being near Steamboat Springs, if I draw the tag I want.