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  1. Brittany Chukarman

    I had a crappie 4th

    I wasn't looking forward to fishing today but it turned out all right. We got out early and all the campers slept in. Got on the crappie early and got them before any boats showed up. Finished the day with a little catfishing. half the crappie catch and the cats
  2. Brittany Chukarman

    The girls wanted a fish fry

    Took my wife and great-niece out for a few hours yesterday. The niece pulled in 3 cats and my wife caught 2. Did a little crappie fishing to finish out the menu.
  3. Brittany Chukarman

    Cats in the morning, crappie in the afternoon

    Had a good combo trip yesterday. Nice, calm day to be out there.
  4. Brittany Chukarman

    Lucky today

    Miserable wind today. I wouldn't have been out there if I didn't have a charter, too many good days to fish. Luckily I found a school of biters over a high spot and was able to get the anchor to stick. They filled the box with crappie of all sizes. Love to pull the rabbit out of the hat on a...
  5. Brittany Chukarman

    Just a fun day of crappie fishin'

    Finally got the boat wet. Great Spring day to be on the water. Lots of action on smallmouth and crappie. My 93 year old dad with a nice one.
  6. Brittany Chukarman


  7. Brittany Chukarman

    Thank you veterans

    Forever grateful for all these guys and gals
  8. Brittany Chukarman

    Lookout Mt sheep hunts cancelled

    This has been the best sheep unit in Oregon for many years. Two hunts cancelled due to disease outbreak in bighorn sheep Wednesday, March 25, 2020 SALEM, Ore.—ODFW is cancelling both...
  9. Brittany Chukarman

    A good kind of sore

    Always a big deal to me when I get an elk but this one I'm especially grateful for. I have joint problems that give me doubt that I can go out alone and finish the job anymore. A friend offered to help me and a neighbor gave me access to some awesome ground. It still wasn't a slam dunk, as we...
  10. Brittany Chukarman


    My brother in law sent this today from Klamath Falls. Lots of city limit deer in that town.
  11. Brittany Chukarman

    Panfish bonanza

    Really good charter yesterday. Found a big school of fish in open water. Water depth was 50' and the fish were from 22' to 45'. Perch, crappie and bluegill all in the same school. Dropped the anchor once and stayed there for the whole trip. Started fishing at 9:00 and came in at 1:00. Had them...
  12. Brittany Chukarman

    Out of the woodwork

    The deer herd in my area of E. Oregon is in bad shape but when the rut starts some big bucks start showing. I was going out to feed the dogs when I spotted this guy skylined on top of the rimrock. I'd like to know how far the bucks travel looking for does. They are pretty scarce around here most...
  13. Brittany Chukarman

    Variety on Brownlee

    Yesterday was a fun day to be on the reservoir. No wind, comfortable temps and hungry fish. We caught a nice variety of panfish and left them biting.
  14. Brittany Chukarman

    Keep the reports coming

    No Wyoming trip for me this year so my pronghorn season is over. I appreciate seeing all the good hunt reports from those still going.
  15. Brittany Chukarman

    Late summer bluegill

    Catching a lot of bluegill lately along with some nice perch and some crappie. The last few days of summer are always good fishing.
  16. Brittany Chukarman

    Bad start, good finish

    I drew an Oregon antelope tag this year and cleared my schedule prepared to hunt all 7 days of the season. I was loading my truck Thursday when we got a call for a family emergency. Unload the truck and make the 8 hour drive. I returned home Saturday, loaded my truck that night and left early...
  17. Brittany Chukarman

    Westport salmon & rockfish

    Just got back from a great short vacation to the coast. I fished on my favorite boat the first day. Incredible fishing for rockfish and silver salmon. Full limits for the boat by 10:00 AM. Started on rockfish and limited the boat in 30 minutes. We had to go about 30 miles north for the salmon...
  18. Brittany Chukarman

    Boys & Bluegill

    I treated the local Cub Scout Pack to a fishing trip yesterday. They did great, 12 catfish, 8 crappie and 56 bluegill. I think it took me longer to fillet them than it did to catch them.
  19. Brittany Chukarman

    Westport halibut

    Had a great day out on the salt on a halibut/bottomfish trip. Rough 3 hour run to go out 37 miles but fast fishing and the sea calmed down eventually. After limiting on halibut we got our bottomfish and cruised back in while the fish were being filleted. Best trip of the year so far.
  20. Brittany Chukarman

    Hunting with Ranger

    Season is just about over so I took Ranger on a couple hunts this week. We hiked from the house and went up into the chukar country, getting a couple quail on the way. Chukar have been scarce since winter of 16/17 and I've left them alone. With some snow remaining I mainly wanted to find some...