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  1. mdcrossbow

    Iowa Turkey tags

    Something changed quickly or I just misread. Which is probably the case.
  2. mdcrossbow

    Dad's find

    Very Nice Find
  3. mdcrossbow

    So long TV - Hello Amazon

    I've enjoyed watching the shows Randy. Thanks.
  4. mdcrossbow

    Little ride with Jimmy

    She thinks she is my wife and anywhere I go she is right there.
  5. mdcrossbow

    Iowa Turkey tags

    Thought I'd pass this on. This year because of CV-19 you can buy Turkey tags over the counter. FYI
  6. mdcrossbow

    I'm not new , Been off most forums for a while.

    I've taken up the Harley and Turkey hunting. Not much deer these days But I did get my 1st 3x3 Sika this year. Haven't done much painting in a while. I did a nice Mule Deer and Mt. Lion though a few years back. Some of you may remember me. A friend who is retiring from the county is looking to...
  7. mdcrossbow

    ID Gobbler speaks no more

    Congratulation Muley, sounds like you are a patient guy, Good luck on getting her a bird. Will it be her 1st.
  8. mdcrossbow

    Another WI bird takes a nap

    Congrat's, some great memories being made :)
  9. mdcrossbow

    I'm getting my butt kicked

    LOL Tom. I called in a bird for my son 4 years ago. It turn out to be the Boss. 1 1/2" spurs and 111/2" beard 26 pounds. The farm owner said I am jealous and I said I am too, he then said : ya but I've been hunting this bird 2 years. LOL That Ole Tom was on a string when I he we were one of his...
  10. mdcrossbow

    I LOVE this stuff!

    Congratulations on a fine Bird. !!
  11. mdcrossbow

    I'm getting my butt kicked

    Good job Nut, I think it is more fun calling for a youth.
  12. mdcrossbow

    I'm getting my butt kicked

    The 1st time out I saw the Ole whilly Tom with 2 hens...OK I figured I had his number , where he was hanging his hat and chasing the ladies. So next time out I set up and he went the other way. So this morning I set up in an area where he headed too the last time and game a few tree yelps and...
  13. mdcrossbow

    I finally got my first CO Tom!!!

    Now tha'st an exciting hunt !, congratulations. It only took me 24 years. I hunted them for 5 years on my own and never closed the deal so I stopped hunting them then a friend took me out showed me the way to hunt them and now birds fall. LOL hopefully you will keep dropping them.
  14. mdcrossbow

    WI youth hunt trifecta

    That's great ! I would rather have my son shoot a bird with me calling. Great memory maker right there Congratulations !
  15. mdcrossbow

    Gobbler 4/10/10 in TX

    Congratulations on a great bird Tom. He's looks to have some nice spurs on him.
  16. mdcrossbow

    stories of the hunt

    Last Saturday morning; Jake and I get in about 30 minutes before light, No birds were gobbling all morning. Then I see two hen's making there way across the field about 100 yrds out. then the tom follows I called a few times and a few times he raised his tail feathers but heck would you leave to...
  17. mdcrossbow

    KS tags punched

    Congratulations , good story, You got one Rio and an Eastern ? Which one came in like planed ?
  18. mdcrossbow

    Dogwoods blooming yet ?

    Tom I'm going to be down that way for a hunt in Cumberland KY
  19. mdcrossbow

    Dogwoods blooming yet ?

    I bet you all out west don't have dogwoods LOL
  20. mdcrossbow

    Dogwoods blooming yet ?

    I took my son back to school down in Va yesterday and we stopped to check the sign out on one of the farms we are going to hunt Saturday morning coming up. a 10 acre hard wood stand was cut last year and the birds are making there way along the back edge so Jake and I built a ground blind...