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    NM Boy's head to Missouri for Whitetail

    Well enough waiting, it's time to fire up the power stroke and pound the ground for 16 long hours. We will be leaving at 2am tonight...... Could not be more excited.. We should arrive at Chillicothe around 6pm. So if you see two out of place guy's going down the highway smiling from ear to ear...
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    2009 Speed Goat @ 280 yards w/.223 in North Eastern New Mexico :hump:
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    NM Speed Goat

    Just sharing a photo of a successful hunt!hump
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    Time to shoot an Antelope

    Looking for some help on which rifle would be better for killing antelope. I have a new AR-15 that i was thing of using but not sure. Also in my arson is a 243 and a 7wsm. Any help would be great Thanks!!
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    FoxPro FX3

    Just ordered the Fox Pro FX3.hump It comes with 32 calls any suggestions??? More yoty hunting than cat. Thanks Bo
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    Cold enough for predator season

    Well it's about that time to start calling dogs and cats in NM. hump How are the other surrounding area doing with this years kills??? Pictures would be great.
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    Newbee from New Mexico

    Just wanted to say whats up and i Have enjoyed reading posts. I was lucky this year to have drawn a Deer tag in unit 10 the Zuni's. Got a nice buck during the archery hunt. Thanks Bo