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    Teton Sports Cot

    Another vote for EasyCot!!! I have had mine for about 7 years now and it is head and shoulders about any cot I have tried. Literally sets up in about 5 seconds (all you do is unfold it), it is very generously sized (I am 6' 225) and most of all.....NO PITA CROSSBARS do deal with :) Here is a...
  2. SFC B

    Jet Sled

    I have been using the Cabela's version of a large Jet sled for just this purpose about 6 years now and many of the points mentioned are spot on. 1) Not useful for steep uphills or unless you have fairly smooth terrain/trails 2) I find it awesome if there is some snow and mild terrain...
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    Thanks for having me

    Welcome and good luck this fall!!!
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    R.I.P Poz

    He certainly left our world better for his efforts. Rest to him and peace to those who loved him.
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    Butt ugly knife

    Far from ugly Richard......effort and utility MAKE beauty! Nice
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    Possible HTers meeting this fall....

    I would like to but still looking for a spot. BILS spot is being sold.
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    Who knows about THIS?

    It is a loose meat (mushroom swiss) sandwich on fresh made bread......apparently a NE thing. Me likey!!
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    Who knows about THIS?

    On the way back from 4th in Hoosierland stopped in Lawrence, KS and some of THIS!!! Who else is privy?
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    New Addition to the Home

    Tell the kids I vote for Buford!!!!
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    Bear Head Taken from Colorado Road Kill

    Illegal yes, but I have a hard time even calling g it wrong in the absence of a purposeful act of poaching.
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    My Future Tracker

    Bavarians are amazing game trackers.....and beautiful!!! Sehr GUT!!!!!
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    Pheasant Hunting South or North Dakota

    If you want top flight here it is......this is one of Philip Anschutz's ranches about an hour east of Denver on the Platte. He generously hosts some SOF warriors and their kids each year and my son and I were lucky enough to enjoy his hospitality for a weekend of upland and goose hunting...
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    A little perspective on a deck/patio project....

    End of demo day 1......where the deck USED to be......
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    A little perspective on a deck/patio project....

    Getting it done starting today!!! Ended up with a referral from my gunshop owner :) 13K gets me syn decking, redwood posts and drink rail with black aluminum balusters. Demo is already about 1/2 done after 3 hours (they are running the first load to the dump as I type). Heading to IN for the...
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    Az hit card

    Congrats to all drawing tags!!!
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Another vote for slug guns here. I have used several friends Remington 870s with cantilever scope mount rifled barrels with scope and they are cheap, accurate and easy to use. This year will be my second using my Benelli Nova smooth bore in IL. I tried 5 different rifled slugs to find what it...
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    Your Favorite Hand-Me-Down

    The only real hand me downs I have gotten to this point were totally unrelated to the outdoors. When my mom passed (I was 15) I got her wedding rings. The diamonds are now in both my and my wife's rings and I still have the actual rings. Hopefully they will keep going. From my dad I got a...
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    Full Brimmed Hats?

    Cold out I wear and OR was issued at Group and I love it. If it is hot and I'll have a pack it is one of the boonies. No pack then this.....
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    New to hunting from CO Spngs

    In Falcon....all you need for pronghorn out there is a sling shot :)
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    Public gun range issues

    One of the reasons I have told the wife that I WILL be able to shoot on the next homestead.