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  1. Grizzley

    WTB MR Longbow Pack Only

    If you have a Longbow that you want to sell PM me. They are $189 new. Thanks Grizzley
  2. Grizzley

    BLM, Forest Service and Nevada Ranchers

    In the last two days I have watched or read about conflicts between Nevada Ranchers, BLM, and the Forest on Fox News last night and the other article on the Fox website. All of you are more informed than I, so I would like to hear a few of your views on this. Buzz you out there?
  3. Grizzley

    The Influence of Buschy and Dinkshooter

    An Este Lauder Ad on the side scroll of the Hunt Talk Site? Did I miss something or did they come out with a new line of camo face paint? Dinkshooter and Buschy are the only two people on this site that I know currently using their products! Now there is a "Create Your Zwinky" which is a...
  4. Grizzley

    The Fragrance of Grass

    Just finished this book The Fragrance of Grass written by Guy de la Valdene. I have mixed emotions. Wondering if anyone has read the book or this author? What are your thoughts about the themes in this book?
  5. Grizzley

    Thanks Montana

    To all of you in Montana...I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for making sure the laws in your state allow nonresidents access to both great lands and a reasonable priced tag but most importantly for providing me with a great place to pitch a tent, hike, and to hunt. A good friend of...
  6. Grizzley

    WTB Wall Tent

    Looking for a GOOD used wall tent. Anyone cleaning out? Send PM if you have something...will get back to you as soon as possible... Thanks Grizzley
  7. Grizzley

    Tough Mudder?

    I realize some of you on this site are tough...but have any of you done one of these and if so can you share your experience?
  8. Grizzley

    ND Scouting Trip

    Yea my digiscoping leaves much to be desired! This one was a little turd compared to the others but it was the only picture that turned out. Crappy time out the pictures will be better. I just LOVE the pot-bellies!
  9. Grizzley

    Oregon 450T and Waypoints

    How can I download my waypoints from Google Earth to my Oregon? Is it possible?
  10. Grizzley

    Visitor Volume

    Have you noticed the high number of unregistered visitors to this site? It is interesting the threads they pull research from. Fin are there more visitors in the last 4 months than normal?
  11. Grizzley

    BAYED Offical Scoreboard

    Just wondering how many of you would fall for this!
  12. Grizzley

    1st Week of Spring

    This is a picture out the front door! Yep it sure feels like SPRING! We are getting BLASTED! I had lawn before I went to work today!
  13. Grizzley

    Hunting Shoes

    Thoughts on Hunting Shoes? Early spring and fall...any thoughts would be appreciated!
  14. Grizzley

    A Twist on Be the Decoy

    This is what happens when your students raise more money for Pennies for Patients than you think they will! By the way do you know how fast K-2 students can run? I was outside this morning and they kept saying run faster we want to chase you! I wanted to yell back..."I can't run any faster...
  15. Grizzley

    Elk in the WY Big Horns

    I am putting in for the WY General Draw and plan on hunting the two General Units in the Big Horns. I was wondering if any of you have placed foot in those units and if so can you shoot me a PM. I have talked to the forest service and the Big Game Biologist for that unit. The information...
  16. Grizzley

    CO Elk Hunt

    Elk Hunting with a Bow in Colorado...OTC in September Anticipation was high and Buschy thought he might Sh@t himself! I just about pissed myself when he walked out of the house with those diapers wife had a few more questions about Buschy after that stunt...yep she was taking the...
  17. Grizzley

    Knifes..What do you use?

    I am in the market for a good quality knife...caping, gutting...ect. What do you use?
  18. Grizzley

    Cat Hunting

    Any pointers for a first time Kitty hunter? ND has a quota on mountain lions that usually fills within within three months. I am looking for something to read, someone willing to share some tricks of the trade. I have never hunted cats before and am looking for someone to point me in the...
  19. Grizzley

    ND Mule Deer

    This thread has to start with "With a little help from a friend!" I want to tell you that last year I asked Buschy if he wanted to go bowhunting and he agreed and you saw the monster fork horn (okay fawn with some large branches) I shot! As Busch said "that was a great did you hit...
  20. Grizzley

    Scouting for Muley

    Here are a few pictures,,,although very poor quality it was nice to get out and cover ground! I got my eye on the smaller one in the third picture!