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    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    Looks like a nice place for a little walk.Fish sure seem to be cooperating.:cool:
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    First western archery/mule deer hunt

    onX and GPS have been wrong before...Just sayin.Be careful. Then send a few more arrows,It shows you care! Lol! 😎
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    My POW black bear hunt

    Great story,congratulations on the bear! :cool:
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    Northern NY adventures with crossbowguy

    Nice pics.Haven't heard from you for a while.Good to see you back. 😎
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    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    Looks like someone had a good lunch.Sounds like your getin' close!:cool:
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    music preferences

    noharleyyet 106317 wont work for me. 😎
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    music preferences

    Europe,I think The eagles"Seven women on my Mind"must be 7 women scorned in the past.Ha,Ha! "one that wants to own me,one that wants to stone me..One says she's a friend of mine..Yea Right.Lol! 😎
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    Shallow Prairie Lakes

    If your fishing a mirage from a boat you are a little too far out there!--> πŸ€ͺ :cool:
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    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    Npaden i've seen your threads on here for a long time and respect your word and Ideas, but most folks live at or near sea level and only work out prior to Big Game season.Being fit for life is great,being fit for a few weeks can be eye opening. I have lived here all my life,and last Javelina...
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    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    It's not the conditioning doesn't help it's the elevation... and the damage to your knees. (Nothing that I know of) can beat conditioning at elevation. 😎
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    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    I stated ,I don't run.I blew my knee out conditioning for'a hunt.I hike at elevation with a wieghted pack. It took me 2yrs to recover so I could hunt again.Not that I didn't hunt for two years. I made sure I was at 100% before going extreme again. 😎
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    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    But was your body ready to do Humphrey the next day, and the day after that.Not me,and that is what Elk hunting feels like to me.God forbid you have to pack out an elk on day three. Lol!! 😎
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    Shallow Prairie Lakes

    Shallow prarie lakes in Az. are called Mirages. 😎
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    RIP Tim Conway

    Mom always had to watch the Carol Burnett showTim and Harvey were her favorites. RIP Tim.🌷😎
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    music preferences

    Mom 83yrs loves Johnny Cash "Ghost Riders in The Sky" Also partial to "The Highway Men"Johnny Cash,Chris Christopherson, Waylon and Willie. 😎
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    Vanish and FireTiger's 2019 Journal

    Quite the adventure. 😎
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    Deer vision question.

    I've seen examples of how and what Deer see.And blue really does stand out.But what gets me is how years ago the old timers had coveralls and blue jeans and they hunted with old hand me down 30/30s and killed plenty much deer... 😎
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    No Shooting Within A Quarter-Mile Of A Structure

    It's been a rule in Az. since gunpowder was invented.Lol!! 😎
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    TC Encore Barrels

    Wow glass eye-those are some great success pics.always wanted a TC. 330Win. have you tried the wanted ads here on Ht? 😎
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    Single Shot Shotguns

    Knight54 10ga. Wow! I'd like to try that...ONCE. 😎