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  1. JohnCushman

    Rotator cuff surgery

    It never happened...gotta love the VA :mad:
  2. JohnCushman

    Memorial Day

    This is me and my buddy Izzy a half hour before our first IED in Iraq in 2004. I couldn't save his life in the second one and I have wished the roles were reversed every day.. (PS...I wasn't a private lol I was a corporal and never wore my rank)
  3. JohnCushman

    Howdy from CO/NC

  4. JohnCushman

    2019 MT Bear

    Beautiful color. Congrats!
  5. JohnCushman

    POW fly-in hunt (pictures and everything)

    Hell yeah. I'm jealous.
  6. JohnCushman

    Pool is supposed to open Saturday....... :)

    but...but....summer vacation
  7. JohnCushman

    Hello from Laramie, WY

  8. JohnCushman

    My first bear (MT)

    Way to go!!
  9. JohnCushman

    Hi from Indiana

  10. JohnCushman

    Colorado Public Land Rio 2019

    Way to go!!! Those spurs are amazing!
  11. JohnCushman

    HT Antelope/Deer ID deer hunt

    Awesome idea Matt!!! Getting together with other guys from here is an amazing time and there will be life long memories. Thanks for putting this together. I wish I could make it. Remember...if you're a disabled veteran of 40% or more, Idaho has a DAV program for non residents to get resident...
  12. JohnCushman

    Hello from Northern Utah

  13. JohnCushman

    Utah Muzzy Muleys! South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal

    welcome to HT
  14. JohnCushman

    Thank you Hunt Talk

    This place is amazing. I've met some incredible guys that I consider life long friends. I've given information in private and have received information in private. The bear hunts are amazing to see people of so many different incomes and social status and backgrounds get together and be a...
  15. JohnCushman

    Hello from another Nebraskan

  16. JohnCushman

    My first elk tag... Utah

    Welcome to HT
  17. JohnCushman

    Hello from Lake Point, UT

  18. JohnCushman

    Any Genre Friday

  19. JohnCushman

    Any Genre Friday