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  1. ashersdad

    POW fly-in hunt (pictures and everything)

    Awesome pictures and story! I hunted bear on POW almost 20 years ago and your pictures brought back alot of good memories.
  2. ashersdad

    My first bear (MT)

    That is a very beautiful looking bear! Congratulations on your first.
  3. ashersdad

    Hello from another Nebraskan

    Welcome aboard.
  4. ashersdad

    Hello from Northern Utah

    Welcome aboard! I grew up in Northern Utah. Beautiful place.
  5. ashersdad

    Disappointed in Bushnell

    Totally agree with Schmalts on this one. Love my Leupold rangefinder and have never had a bad experience with their customer service.
  6. ashersdad

    Unsolicited Recognition

    Another very satisfied customer here!
  7. ashersdad

    My POW black bear hunt

    Hard to ask for a better hunt. Nicely done.
  8. ashersdad

    Hungry boo-boo

    Awesome pictures as usual! That chocolate colored bear is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  9. ashersdad

    ID Big 3 Deadline Tomorrow

    Congratulations to all that drew. No luck here.
  10. ashersdad

    Oregon native

    Welcome aboard fellow Oregonian.
  11. ashersdad

    Wyoming Moose Pref Point Charge???

    You didn't make a mistake. You just didn't have a choice. You put in for the draw, you buy the preference point.
  12. ashersdad

    Utah email results are out

    3 emails for me and my sons. 25 unsuccessfuls. Kinda depressing. 🤔😉
  13. ashersdad

    All or Nothing - 2018 Missiouri Breaks Elk

    Thanks for the write up and pictures. Felt like I was right there with you. Congratulations to you all!
  14. ashersdad

    Sask bear down

    Big melon on that bear! Nicely done.
  15. ashersdad

    Deadheads - Let's see 'em

    Found this bull at the very bottom of a deep canyon last year while elk hunting.
  16. ashersdad

    Transporting fish home from Alaska

    I've brought fish, moose, deer, bear hides, mtn. goat cape, dall sheep cape & horns, etc all as checked baggage with Alaskan. Never had a problem. I usually just take a couple coolers as luggage and bring them back full. I have found that if you have their credit card, they are pretty...
  17. ashersdad

    Wyoming Big 3 Results

    One of the first years that I'm just in for points. Between a wedding, family vacation, and hopefully some other tags, I didn't want to draw a tag like sheep or moose and not do it justice. Good luck to everyone.
  18. ashersdad

    2018 OIL Oryx

    That looks awesome! Thank you for your service.
  19. ashersdad

    Non Lethal Bear Encounters (pics)

    Those are incredible pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  20. ashersdad

    Cool birthday present

    Thanks guys! I believe he got it from Liberty Home Concealment.