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  1. 88man

    How many quarts of ice chest for mature bull?

    Why do you need the ice at the trail head?? After you kill and are packed out to the trail head drive to town and get your dry ice. A boned bull will fit in a 150qt. You will need a cooler for the cape also 70qt.
  2. 88man

    A Poor Elk Hunter With A Good Elk Tag

    Congratulations and don't forget to enjoy it.
  3. 88man

    Seeing red over WY "coyote whacking."

    I am just wondering how many on this board think trapping is cruel and should not be allowed.
  4. 88man

    Seeing red over WY "coyote whacking."

    Yup there is a time for killing and hunting. I think some peoples views are because they may live in a western state know for wilderness but they really are just city or subdivision folks. Plant seed and spend dark to dark getting it to grow at all costs and no excuses. Ill tell you you are...
  5. 88man

    Wild Horses and Burros Film

    I really like unBranded
  6. 88man

    Should I buy a Beretta Mato?

    twist rate?
  7. 88man

    300wsm long range ammo?

    I have loaded for a few 300wsm and they all like 180 accubonds and r22
  8. 88man

    Muzzle velocity consistancy

    I just noticed its 6fps
  9. 88man

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    NRA needs a big big shake up. Board at fault also. Wayne gotta go and some new leadership needs to step up
  10. 88man

    First time hunter rifle

    260 rem
  11. 88man

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    Agree paying his full salary at retirement is absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 88man

    Grey Wolf

    They are a much smaller wolf I believe most often under 65lbs
  13. 88man

    300wsm long range ammo?

    Long range try the berger hunting vld
  14. 88man

    Accubond to E-tips?

    I'm an accubond guy
  15. 88man

    Whats your take on the "GLYPHOSATE" Round Up Lawsuit in California

    So science says it does not cause cancer but a Judge in California says it does.
  16. 88man

    Little League

    I have a 14 year old softball Player who is dedicated to the sport. Anyways regardless of the age group or level of play you will at sometime have too overcome some level of politics. The parent & the player. It is not in the players best interest for the parent to identify all the team issues...
  17. 88man

    Gun raid in CA

    Or exposing them to GUNS, Car Keys and Alcohol. Really
  18. 88man

    Wyoming Area 59

    Lots a grizz
  19. 88man

    Sportsmen for Trump & the selling out of the American Sportsman

    Pretty sure if this board had an election with just two levers and if in this fantasy election the republican platform was to keep federal lands federally owned and they had real plans of or a new directive in regards to drilling which would be limited in expansion. We known who would win this...