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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    I like this one!

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Last day AZ bull.

    Are there any HT game wardens out there?

    I can only offer you advice based on my personal and professional experience. I recently retired from law enforcement (one year ago) after serving 30 years to the community and state. I began my law enforcement career as a state game warden in the Land of Fruits and Nuts (CA). I learned...

    I've about had enough

    It's truly a sad time we're living in these of the reasons I don't post many pictures anymore. Jealsous, self-righteous 'hunters' (or flat brimmers) with a desire to do ANYTHING to gain instant success with little effort or time.....and more importantly, internet fame...

    Arizona Draw

    Looks like I'll be chasing bugling bull elk with my bow come September!

    What's your big takeway from the forums?

    I'm thinking I need to try and offer more......I've been here since 2003 and have less than 1000 posts! I'm really not an introvert. :)

    Gordon Buck

    Pathetic. It's posts like this that detour people from sharing their success photos anymore......and one of the main reasons the hunter chose to keep it quiet for this long. This IS a legitimate buck arrowed in the CO high-country above timberline. I'm told it was measured (in velvet) by two...

    Arizona Deer...

    Good looking buck.....congratulations!

    Crossbow Deer Hunting (The Definite Guide)

  10. BOHNTR

    AZ deer 2018

    You're automatic, Buzz! Congratulations on a fine Coues Deer in a GREAT state. :)
  11. BOHNTR

    Jan deer hunting - AZ vs NM

    First of all, there is NO January season (archery) for most northern AZ units, including 3A/C (instead of 2A/C???). Are you referring to unit 2A and 2C of Northern NM??? If so, the draw odds are terrible (less than 2%) for that hunt. IMO, many of the OTC desert hunts in January are better...
  12. BOHNTR

    Deer - lets see em

    Wife's first whitetail (10 point) arrowed on the ground at 35 yards: My smaller last day whitetail buck I spot and stalked.....both taken in western KS:
  13. BOHNTR

    6.5s are for girls

    Good for her! kudos to you too, sir.
  14. BOHNTR

    10x42 enough for open country muleys?

    10x42 are generally considered the 'go to glass' combination. They should work well for you. For extreme distances, try placing them on a tripod for added comfort and ease of spotting. You can work your way up to a spotting scope in good time. I usually carry both when hunting them, but use...
  15. BOHNTR

    My 2018 Utah Book Cliffs archery buck

    Love velvet clad muleys.......and that's a good one. Congratulations!
  16. BOHNTR

    Early season archery buck

    Way to go, schmaltsie!
  17. BOHNTR

    NV buck down!

    Good job, man!
  18. BOHNTR

    Anyone Hunted the Kaibab?

    Bowhunted for almost 25 years straight when it was OTC......bowhunted it last year as well. I can send you a link (PM) that has quite a bit of info on it. From what I saw last year and this year on scouting trips (partner went up there), I'd focus on the Warm Fire area and look good in the...
  19. BOHNTR

    Summer bucks - score guesses?

    Was it officially measured? I guess I'm just guessing like everyone else, and it's often tough from photographs. However, I've officially measured A LOT of mule deer over the years and my instincts tell me the OP mule deer on the right has a short left G4, a short right G2, and 1"...
  20. BOHNTR

    Summer bucks - score guesses?

    :) :) :)