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  1. Gunner46

    Weight loss

    So, I finally weighed myself for the 1st time in 3-4 months. I've lost 10 pounds......Amazing what a simple haircut will do !
  2. Gunner46

    Weired things that happened in the field

    In the nights dark, before the sun even thought of breaking the horizon, I screwed my steps into a tree and worked my up, slowly, as quietly as I could. When I got about 10-12 feet up I un-delicately attached the lock-on tree stand, then made even more noise getting set up & settled in. 30 min...
  3. Gunner46


    How has this "Lock Down" actually affected your family. Did the $1200 doo any true help? Personally, I just need a D@mn haircut and the check went into my retirement account.
  4. Gunner46

    Just ta keep you thinking

    1st rule... Don't post your answer as a reply, message me. End of rules. Don't spoil it, too many of us need something to think about besides Lock-down, Lock-up, that b!tch, and the kids, and have already reloaded enough ammo for the next decade! Many, many moons ago, my uncle told me he would...
  5. Gunner46

    Wyoming cut off

    I've checked out the WY F&G site, but couldn't find the last day to apply for an Antelope tag. When is it?
  6. Gunner46

    Weight loss

    I have to admit it. I'm not 25, 45, nor 55 anymore. I truly love my Ruger M77 boat paddle, but it's seeming a little hefty these days. Are any of you experienced in shaving about a pound out of a brick stock ? I'm sure some judicious channeling of the forearm interior, and maybe a drilling into...
  7. Gunner46

    F'n Time Change......

    It had just got to the point to where I could get off work, drive over to the lake on the way home, and actually have some daylight to see WTF was going on. My 1st chance to fish in months and I was actually doing OK on the Rainbows....Now, Time Change...Start over in another 3-4 weeks when I...
  8. Gunner46

    Several 1st today

    I'll start this with saying the fishing/weather conditions here around NE Ohio have SUCKED for several weeks. I work graveyard, so I pretty much get my fishing in during the week by stopping along the way from work, to home. It's just started getting light enough when I get off to be able to...
  9. Gunner46

    Butchering video

    This is not meant to a question as to how to butcher a tagged big game animal, but to ask if any of Y'All know of a publicly available video that actually shows how much cook-able meat is honestly attainable form the game animal. (preferably showing the weight loss process along the way) One...
  10. Gunner46


    Just curious how many of our members were minors legally emancipated. I was at 17.
  11. Gunner46

    New Years wish

    DON'T DO STUPID TONITE. 'NUFF SAID. Call a cab, Uber, or just crash where you are. Dying, or Killing is Not a cool move into the new year…...
  12. Gunner46

    Shortest recovery distance EVER.

    Sooo, what is the shortest distance you had to travel, from where you took your shot, to recover your deer. I'll post mine in a couple of days.
  13. Gunner46

    4 Boxes

    We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom.... the Soap box, the Ballot box, the Jury box, and the Cartridge box. 😎
  14. Gunner46

    Happy Birthday !!

    244 years old today. Born in a bar, some our insane forefathers thought it would be a Freakin 'Hoot to give a bunch of drunken degenerate reprobates massive weaponry, send them out on ships, and let them rampage the globe reeking damage & mayhem where ever they landed. Those would Your US...
  15. Gunner46

    Sound Off - 100% Debt Free

    For the second time in my life I'm once again 100% debt free from the Ex, my bookie, the credit cards, the wheels.....EVERYONE ! Yes, I pulled some extreme overtime (13 months). Yes, I did not communicate well with friends & family. YES, my a$$ is tired! SOOO, starting next week I am going...
  16. Gunner46

    1st drive lesson

    Ok, so I'm just laying back, watching Roku, contemplating the next 5 of 9 days I have to work, when a thought crept into my mind..... Who, where, at what age, and what car did the 1st person TRY to teach you to drive? ME: It was Dad. We were up on a VA. mountain single lane, during the...
  17. Gunner46


    Does 5 days without being able to find the phone officially count as 'Lost".....or should I give it another 5-30 days ????
  18. Gunner46

    August Trout in OH

    Not much going on here in OH during this month. From where I live it's a good drive to lake Erie for walleyes, but there is a small local lake that gets stocked with hatchery rainbows each year. So, here is my quest/plan/vendetta. Regardless of the weather I am going to spend one (1) hour...
  19. Gunner46

    Dumping Cable TV

    My TV/Internet bill just jumped to $189 a month. I watch about 5-6 channels, but use the net like hell. This is a $60 increase in just 2 years! More than my car payment. NOPE. I'm thinking of dumping the TV all together, either getting an antenna or just getting an el-cheapo laptop and...
  20. Gunner46

    RIP, Green Machine

    Sad day yesterday. The '94 Ford Ranger went to the crematorium/ chop shop. She was coughing consistently, had problems with just getting up and waking up. But once she got her momentum going couldn't reliably stop. Pretty much had to do constant CPR on the gas when she finally did. She served...