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  1. Oak

    CO Secondary Draw list posted

  2. Oak

    Bighorn pandemics

    There has been a desire by many in the wild sheep conservation world to compare the COVID-19 pandemic to the interminable disease issue faced by bighorn sheep in the western United States. Mike Cox, NDOW bighorn sheep biologist and current chair of the WAFWA Wild Sheep Working Group took a stab...
  3. Oak

    LWCF resolution

    The Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be considering the adoption of a resolution supporting full and permanent funding of the LWCF at the June 12 meeting. Draft LWCF Resolution Email the Commission:
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    Mandatory harvest reporting

    The topic of mandatory harvest reporting has come up frequently in the past and is something that I personally support. A few years ago I broached the topic with CPW staff who are responsible for surveying CO hunters and compiling the data and they cited the cost associated with a mandatory...
  5. Oak

    Wild & Wool

    Glossy finish aside, this short film is a good introduction to the bighorn sheep disease threat posed by domestic sheep. I think this particular link will only work for the next three days or so.
  6. Oak

    Crossbows and trapping, again

    The rule-making notice for the May CPW Commission meeting has been posted on their website, and there is another citizen's petition for allowing crossbows during archery season. The petition has not been posted yet, and likely won't be until about 10 days before the meeting.
  7. Oak

    Bighorn sheep poached today

    POACHER ALERT! Bighorn Sheep poached Highway 65 between I-70 and Hwy 330 (Collbran). Happened 12:30 to 1 p.m. TODAY... possibly an older red extended cab pickup. Info? Call Operation Game Thief 877-COLO-OGT (877-265-6648)
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    Suspend Pittman-Robertson Federal Excise Tax?

    Saw this today. Apologies if it has already been posted. Thoughts?
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    Another old adventure

    Here's another old thread I resurrected to kill some time.
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    Old adventure

    Since most of us are going to have extra time on our hands and could probably use a distraction or two, I went back and resurrected an old, LONG, thread I posted from an adventure 13 years ago. The photo links were long ago broken, but with the new forum software, there is now no time limit on...
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    AZ sells 26 square miles of State Trust Land

    Arizona Quietly Sells 16,810 Acres to Freeport-McMoRan for Mining Waste
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    Colorado "Governor's Tag" Raffles

    Back by popular demand (?), the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society 2020 Colorado statewide bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and pronghorn license raffles are now available. Winners of these raffle licenses can hunt any open unit in the state from the season and weapon-specific opening date until...
  13. Oak

    Didn't get away: before and after

    In the spirit of khunter's "one that got away" thread, let's see those that you got live photos of before the kill. I'll start. A WY elk
  14. Oak

    Colorado wolves

    The story on another forum is pretty convincing, as is the video.
  15. Oak

    “That would be the end of our industry”

    ”That would be the end of our industry”: Outfitters defend baiting amid calls for ban in Saskatchewan
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    Coller State Wildlife Area

    I took a drive and visited Coller State Wildlife Area Thursday. Thought I would share some pics. The SWA lies along the Rio Grande River between Creede and South Fork, about 3 miles upstream of the Gold Medal section of the river. It is an elk winter concentration area and supports a...
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    Crested Butte camping management changes

    This may affect you if you hunt and camp on the GMUG in the Crested Butte area. Project page (not much there) Comment link
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    Gunnison BLM Domestic Sheep EIS

    Sexy, sexy stuff here, folks! That's why you clicked! The Gunnison BLM Field Office has (finally!) released a draft EIS to public comment for the renewal of 9 domestic sheep allotments, three of which are smack in the middle of the Tier 1 RBS-21 (S21/S33) bighorn sheep herd. I wrote my first...
  19. Oak

    Exotic sheep in CO

    Colorado hunting camp owner illegally brought exotic sheep to ranch for clients to hunt The quote from the article above is interesting in light of the FY2017 game damage report from CPW which lists an approved claim of $2,000 for a bighorn sheep killing a "TX Dall Ram." It sure is a...
  20. Oak

    Food bank bighorns

    South Hills' last bighorn sheep put down This story highlights the typical outcome when wildlife agencies try to restore bighorn sheep populations too close to domestic sheep. While some have proposed recently that wild sheep advocates should accept greater risk in order to create new...