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  1. JDH

    Missouri proposes black bear hunting season.

    I completed it, at first to counter an anti-hunting vote, then to tell them they should allow NR to hunt them. We just went through the same thing with bobcats here. The anti-hunting comments came in from all over the world.
  2. JDH

    Maintaining your rig

    That dang air conditioning line makes getting the filter a pain in the butt. I just did it this weekend and was asking myself why I put myself through that every time. I liked the engine configurations on the 3rd gens better. I replaced almost all the u-joints, water pump, and multiple hub...
  3. JDH

    Partial List of Things I Don't Get

    I haven't seen a drive up ATM yet that someone couldn't also walk up to. ;) Heck, I've had to get out of my truck a couple of times because it was going to be a tight squeeze to pull in.
  4. JDH

    Partial List of Things I Don't Get

    I'm not a big fan of Reba either but I can listen to some old country like Don Williams.
  5. JDH

    Partial List of Things I Don't Get

    We had one show up in my hood once (first development outside of town) and the neighbor across the road adopted it. Said it took it a while for it to even warm up to her husband but would bark and go crazy every time it saw me outside.
  6. JDH

    Rattlesnakes while hunting

    I was walking through an area north of Douglas, WY and hear a rattle that was similar but a little different from the grasshoppers I had been hearing so I froze until I was able to determine where the sound was coming from.
  7. JDH

    Has this ever happened to you while turkey hunting?

    I have killed more coyotes duck/goose hunting than any other kind of hunting. One place I go has a lot of levees and ditches connecting the marshes and they use them like highways until freeze up.
  8. JDH

    Possible HTers meeting this fall....

    I'm a little bit south of Indy so depending on where you decide I might be up for it.
  9. JDH

    Weired things that happened in the field

    I walked in to one morning using a head lamp and when I got to the tree I wanted to set up in a laid my bow down, took off my climber and started to hook it to the tree and on the small tree just a few feet away was a skinned coon carcass right at eye level. The small tree was on the other side...
  10. JDH

    tree stands

    I was turkey hunting once and had a squirrel run down the tree I was sitting against and when he was on the other side of the tree I turned my head and looked up. He was about 5 feet above me on a limb when I said hey and threw my arms up. He literally jumped up off the limb and made some...
  11. JDH

    What would you do?

    I've done this twice but in a different unit.
  12. JDH

    Hunting Questions on "NextDoor"

    My local Nextdoor had a post where someone was asking if anyone lost their pet female turkey. Then someone replied with a pic and turns out it was a jake. I'm surprised I haven't seen a post about it being aggressive yet.
  13. JDH

    Planet of Humans

    Some scientists are saying the same thing about household recycling now. I guess it's taking more energy and resources to process the recycled materials than make new. And the stuff they use during the recycling process is worse than having all the trash contained in a landfill.
  14. JDH

    Starting Over on Gear

    Terre Haute is the armpit of Indiana. I went to college there and we always called it the Terrible Haute. And I know it has gotten worse since I left.
  15. JDH


    I took a 10% pay cut last week but at least I'm still working. Up to that point it was just a minor inconvenience. I am definitely saving money on gas from not driving to work and also getting more sleep though.
  16. JDH

    Decked... is it worth it?

    I looked into the decked system for my truck but eventually went with a Diamondback bed cover. I bought the HD can put an ATV on it. Looked for a couple of months on their outlet site until one for my truck showed up for around 20% off. It's lockable, weathertight, will support...
  17. JDH

    Best Netflix/Amazon/Hulu to Binge Watch During Social Distancing.

    Looks like you still need to pay on Prime.
  18. JDH

    Mixed Bag

    One good thing about fishing below dams is that a mixed bag is almost guaranteed!
  19. JDH

    Hello from IN

    Welcome from Morgan Co.
  20. JDH

    Moving sucks

    I don't know what it is like east of Indiana but it seems to get harder to find dry ice the father east you go. May not be worth it if you need to get very far off the interstate.