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    Moving to Texas

    Hey ya'll I'll be moving to San Antonio, Texas in Dec. Looking for info on hunting and places to hunt both public and private land. Hope you folks down there can give me some advice on where to go, and where not to go. Quick Draw
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    What's with...

    ...the link to the Hunt Talk Store? Seems to be not working on any of my computers. Is it just me or is it like this for everyone? Quick Draw
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    Hunterman's in the Hospital

    Hunterman went in for a cardio cath today to check his heart.:confused: :eek: The results were that he needs to have open heart surgey, a four way bypass. As of right now he is in good spirits. He is at St. Joe's Hospital in Tacoma. Last season's hunting season WILL NOT BE OUR LAST...
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    Gift Exchange No Go's

    Out of those of us that who in on the Gift Exchange who did NOT reciece a gift? Quick Draw
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    From the Hunterman Camp

    Merry Christmas to all and to All a good night. Quick Draw Hunterman Lady Nutcracker Orca Lover
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    Answering Machine

    These are actual answering machine answers recorded and verified by the world famous International Institute of Answering Machine Answers. 1. My wife and I can't come to the phone right now, but if you'll leave your name and number, we'll get back to you as soon as we're finished. 2. A is for...
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    Gift Exchange Rules

    Ok just some basic rules for the Gift Exchange. 1) The cost of the gift and shipping of the gift can not go over $20.00 (Wal-Mart is always a good place to find nice things for under $20.00) 2) No matter who you are shopping for keep it taste full, nothing over I'd say PG-13 rating. 3) Try...
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    Gift Exchagne????

    I tried way earlier bout getting envolment on a 2nd Hunt Talk Gift Exchagne and didn't get much of a response. But since it is November now and a little closer to Christmas how does a 2nd Hunt Talk gift exchgne sound? Quick Draw
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    Gift Exchange

    Who would like to have another one this year. I'm getting started early this year, and would like oh maybe 30 people. Let me know. Quick Draw
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    All right I'm sure most of you have been talking to my parents about my military carrer and how its going with training and what not. Here's an update for ya'll:D :D Graduated Basic training 19 May 2005 with Delta Company 1-48, my third company. As most of you know I entered the ARmy on 15 Nov...
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    Chat Anyone

    Hey ya'll would anyone like to join me in the chat room?????? Quick Draw
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    Harry Potter...

    ...and the Goblet of Fire :) :). It was a pretty good movie. Its not like the others with all the wand pointing and spell casting. There was actully very little of that. Ya'll should go see it unless you already have. :D :D :D Quick Draw
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    Gift Exchange.....Who hasn't Gotten a Gift?

    Its the day after Christmas and everyone should have recieved their gift by now, well except for two people. Please me know if you have NOT recived your gift yet. Thanks Quick Draw PS huntinfool yours is on the way, I just need to mail it. :o :o
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    Almost Home

    Hey ya'll!!!!!!! :D :D Thank you very much for the uplifting words ya'll sent me. Yes I had to open it and read it in front of the whole platoon :eek: it was all right not a huge big deal...just the firtst letter I get and I have to do that. gotta follow the rules though. I also have to open...
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    Hunterman and Ladynutcracker

    The flights were fine. I slept pretty much the whole way to Chicago though. I'm the USO in St. Lewis awaiting my bus to go 3 hours to Ft. Leonard Wood. I'll try and call again before we leave. I called as soon as I could when we got here. I'll call as much as I can. I will also buy my ticket...
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    Missouri Weather

    My basic training is in Ft. Lenord Wood and i was wondering if anyone from that area could tell me what I'm in for considering the weather conditions. If ya could that would be great. Thanks Quick Draw
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    Best Movie Ever

    Mojave gave me an idea..... What is the best movie ever. I enjoy all types of movies. But I really enjoy Peter Pan and any one that has to do with Peter Pan. Quick Draw
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    Thrill Hunting

    I got this off anotehr hunting site, Bushnell Outdoors Online Community. Found this article in a St. Paul Mn newspaper. Its something we need to be aware of and on the lookout for. Most state department of natural resources or equivilent provide numbers to call to report these things, carry...
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    A Very Sad Day at the Hunterman's House

    For the last nearly 9 years we were blessed to have one of the best dogs God has ever made :D :D. His name was Buddy. This evening, we believed, that Buddy had a stroke. :( :( :( I let him in the house and he passed away :( :( :( He was a very good dog. :) :) Quick Draw
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    I've Been Banned....

    ....from chat????? Since when? Is everyone banned????? Quick Draw