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  1. rtraverdavis

    Episode 130–Tim Fox

    Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors, but Fox and Knokey sure seem like candidates I could get behind. Wish we had some conservation-minded candidates like these guys seem to be here in Oregon...
  2. rtraverdavis

    NR Poll: 2020 Nevada Tag or Point Application

    Similar to @BlakeA ’s Colorado poll, this one is for Nevada. This may be a bit early, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. For non residents who usually apply in Nevada, will you be shooting for tags or just grabbing points this year? Or, with all of the economic and travel uncertainty...
  3. rtraverdavis

    Pus Pockets and the Like

    I killed a cow elk this past season, and when I was skinning her (gutless method) something happened. When I got to the inner part of one of the hind quarters, a jet of fowl smelling, chunky, beige liquid shot out from where I'd just cut, and blew all over my legs and feet. She wasn't gut shot...
  4. rtraverdavis

    Colorado Mule Deer Decline?

    I know what @squirrel has to say about it, but I'm curious what other Colorado guys think about this. The article paints a pretty bleak picture, especially considering the hurt that the new five-year season structure could put on mule deer. Surely tag numbers could be decreased to make up for...
  5. rtraverdavis

    What makes a good mule deer hunter?

    I’ve seen reference to one’s ability to be successful in this unit or that type of country or in this type of situation as being dependent on whether or not they are a good mule deer hunter. But what makes one “good?” If you had to name the critical attributes, what would they be?
  6. rtraverdavis

    ODFW Seeking Hunter Comments on Deer/Elk Season Structure

    It will be interesting to see what kind of influence this has. There are already some comments that I would love for ODFW to take under advisement and implement, and some others that make me cringe. I’ll be asking for a push for habitat studies and improvements, a drastic decrease in spike elk...
  7. rtraverdavis

    My wife is funny

    Today was a big day for the future of my family. Check out what my wife had made for me:
  8. rtraverdavis

    The Ghost of Colorado Point Creep Future

    What’s your over/under on NR point creep for Colorado’s deer seasons once the new season schedule sets in next year? Planning for the worst, hoping for the best, I think it will be— 2nd: static 3rd: +/- 2 4th: +/- 3 Of course, it will vary with the changing windows of season dates. This is...
  9. rtraverdavis

    FS: Nosler M48 Heritage Rifle in 26 Nosler w/ Brass, Bullets, and Die Set

    Posting this for my dad. The rifle has fired 228 shots. Trigger upgraded to a Timney Calvin Elite. Shoots sub-MOA with Nosler factory loads and hand loads. Comes with RCBS dies, 239 pieces of Nosler Brass, and a selection of bullets. The cheek piece on the stock has a small scuff...
  10. rtraverdavis


    More than anything in hunting, I’d like to kill a big mule deer. The unit I hunt here in Oregon isn’t known for big deer, but they can be found from time to time. Like this one that was killed by a guy I know a couple years back: (not my deer) But it takes a lot of looking to find deer here...
  11. rtraverdavis

    Orvis T3 3wt & Battenkill Large Arbor Reel w/ line for sale

    I have this up on Craigslist, but I know a lot of folks on here fly fish so I thought I’d post here too: 8’4” Mid-Flex 3 weight Orvis T3 with Battenkill Large Arbor I Reel Comes with 3wt, weight-forward Orvis Superfine line, 20lb backing, aluminum rod tube, rod sock, and reel case, and Orvis’...
  12. rtraverdavis

    Annual Crappie Fest

    It’s becoming a tradition to ring in the start of my summer break for my Dad and I to take my daughter crappie fishing. This year was a bit of a cluster—the fishing was slow, and Maggie lost her sandwich, hotwheels car, her new rod that I got her for her birthday, and (almost) my expensive ass...
  13. rtraverdavis

    Kuiu Attack Pants and Teton Pants, Size 38

    FS: One pair of Kuiu Attack Pants and one pair of Teton pants, both size 38 in Vias camo. Both pairs of pants have only been used on two hunts, have only been washed with Tech Wash, and are in real good shape. The Attack pants have one small pull in the outside part of the knee (seen in picture...
  14. rtraverdavis

    New in Box RCBS M500 Scale

    Never used, never removed from the box. $65 TYD PM me if you want pictures of the scale out of the box.
  15. rtraverdavis

    Oregon’s Version of Shoulder Seasons

    Wish I knew about this sooner. I just called my reps—other Oregon guys, you should too. This could really suck.
  16. rtraverdavis

    High End Stocks

    I have a Remington 700 action that I’d like to build on one day—when I can afford it—and wonder about the benefits (real or perceived) of high end stocks like Manners or McMillan. I’ve shot a rifle that had a Manners stock that really felt great (comfortable, light, absorbed recoil well...
  17. rtraverdavis

    BHA Pint Night, Portland, OR

    This Friday. Anyone else in NW Oregon going?
  18. rtraverdavis

    Oregon Elk

    I killed my first bull ever within a couple hours of first light on opening morning of Eastern Oregon’s second rifle season. Many hours of scouting and learning and preparation paid off. Found him down in an absolute hell hole as soon as dawn came on, made a long, circuitous stalk, ranged him at...
  19. rtraverdavis

    “My” Spots

    On a recent JRE podcast, there was a pretty interesting conversation between Joe Rogan and John Dudley about the sacred nature of hunters’ well guarded public land hunting spots. Rogan argued that it’s BS for any public land hunter to be protective of a sweet spot they found, because it’s public...
  20. rtraverdavis

    Off the Market

    This is the “Utility” jacket in XL. These jackets are very well made. Supposed to be popular with upland bird hunters... This one is in great shape, but I haven’t worn it in years (too big for me now) and it probably needs a wax job. $100 TYD