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  1. JDH

    Indianapolis Pint Night

    Join the Indiana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and the NWTF for a joint pint night on March 16, from 5-8 PM at Bier Brewing Co. Pint Night
  2. JDH

    Growing up in the 80s This video may be too much 80s for some people. Kid gets a Nintendo for Christmas.
  3. JDH

    DIY Cow Decoy

    In my effort to save a little money before my first trip out west I decided to make my own cow decoy. We named it Bessie...before we realized it was a steer. :W: Anyway, for someone looking to save a little bit of money I will throw some pictures up of what I did. All it took was 4 sheets of...
  4. JDH

    Fall hunt in Nebraska

    I was thinking about hitting western Nebraska for a turkey hunt this year on my way back from Wyoming but I can't seem to find very much info about fall turkey hunting out there. Every thread on here and most on other sites has been about spring hunting. On the NE Game and Parks website they...
  5. JDH

    ATA show

    Any hunttalkers coming to Indy for the ATA show?
  6. JDH

    Setup for coyotes

    So I've started getting into coyote hunting a little bit more this year than before and am trying to figure out a typical setup. I've been maybe a dozen times and have managed to call in one confirmed coyote. I have a smaller FoxPro that I use and no hand calls. Last weekend I tried having...
  7. JDH

    Am I thinking correctly?

    This year I bought my first elk preference point for Wyoming. My plan is to get a couple of points and snag a general tag. It will be a couple of years before I go so I am just starting the process of researching. I did notice that the odds of drawing with one point have steadily decreased so...
  8. JDH

    Taxidermist legal options

    What are some of the legal options to get a mount back from a taxidermist? I dropped off a pronghorn mount about 15 months ago and he said I would get it back within a year. I looked up reviews and they were good. There were a few that said he took a little longer than most but the quality...
  9. JDH

    Another Wyoming Draw/General tag question

    I'm trying to figure out how many NR general tags were issued this year. Do I need to combine the quota for the PP(1842) and random(614) drawings? I'm assuming if that is correct then if I want to calculate my overall odds I would add the first choice applicants that applied for both of those...
  10. JDH

    Lake Erie walleye during March

    I will probably be in NE Ohio for a week during March for work. I was wondering if anyone on here knows how the walleye fishing is that time of year around Cleveland. I am thinking it will be in the middle of the month and I could possibly make it a Tuesday -Friday or a Monday - Thursday, and...
  11. JDH

    Gutless Method

    Blue whale washes up Imagine having to skin an animal in strips.
  12. JDH

    Money Talks

    I received an email from a sporting goods catalog/website that discussed an interesting topic. I've not really posted something about a business before so I've redacted the name. It's a bit of a long post but here it is... "A message to our loyal customers, Lately, we’ve heard through...
  13. JDH

    2014 Wyoming hunt

    I know this is a little late but between starting a new job right before the hunt to moving a month later to the 4 hours on the road everyday in between my time was limited. Couple that with reading how well some of these hunt stories are put together on here I was hoping to be able to take a...
  14. JDH

    Got my 2014 Spring bird

    Went out after work yesterday morning and spotted this guy with another tom at the border between two crop fields. The area that I hunt has a rectangle that is about 30 acres of planted timber surrounded by fields. Two edges follow a creek bed and a third edge is a levy. Once I saw where they...
  15. JDH

    Wyoming quotas are down

    I took a look at the WYGF meeting minutes and noticed that it appears quotas will be lower for the eastern part of the state. I am hoping since the unit I chose always has leftover tags that I will make it through. I'm really looking forward to the hunt...
  16. JDH

    First time pronghorn

    I am planning my first DIY Western hunt with my wife's uncle. It's always been his dream to hunt pronghorn and he helped my wife and I out with a place to live a couple years ago, so I am going to repay him with a free ride to Wyoming. I have been researching leftover units and I am thinking...