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  1. kansasdad

    Sneeze guard designs------show me what you got please

    My dental office had been closed to "routine" dental care for one month. The Governor of Kansas has issued an extension to the stay at home order until May 3rd, which the Kansas Dept Health/Environment is using as guidelines for dentists. We are trying to prepare for once again seeing patients...
  2. kansasdad

    Kansas deer application period opens today

    NONRESIDENT DEER PERMIT APPLICATION PERIOD: April 1 - April 24, 2020 Applicants must apply online or by phone, 1-800-918-2877 All fees listed below will have an internet convenience fee added at time of applying online for a permit or preference point. You will also need to purchase a...
  3. kansasdad

    Is it Saturday again?

    Today seems like a Saturday. No work scheduled, and I sorta slept in (7:30 a.m. is awfully late for me). Tomorrow will be a Saturday, but weird as there will be no college basketball to watch four games simultaneously. I miss March Madness already! The next day will be a Saturday, with a...
  4. kansasdad

    March Madness to be renamed March Quietness 2020

    It seems that the NCAA has determined that the tournament will go on, but with no public watching in the stands. Will this perhaps even out the field in a game or two without a homecourt or regional home field advantage...
  5. kansasdad

    Wichita KS BHA/Outdoors Mentors Organization Movie night

    Outdoors Mentors organization is hosting a BHA movie night (Wild grouse film) on Feb 20, 7-10 pm. Three levels of tickets: movie, movie/BHA annual membership, movie, BHA membership/OnX annual subscription (limited number of these). Fine details in the link below. Hope to meet some HuntTalkers...
  6. kansasdad

    Sasquatch shenanigans

    Super glad that you’ve given him a try........ Hope he shapes up........ In light of the above clips, I’m adding a cautionary link to keep the FreshTracks crew informed of rut concerns
  7. kansasdad

    Pro tips........

    From time to time it seems like I have little epiphanies of wisdom hit my brain, and I'm sure that my fellow HuntTalkers also have truthbombs to share to increase our collective wisdom. Such events happened to me this week. Pro tip: If you are bringing home a carton of your wife's favorite...
  8. kansasdad

    Wyoming application website "down for maintenance" until Nov 1

    I went online to verify that my memory was correct regarding my preference point totals. I also wanted to get some info and links for my son to get some points purchased before the end of the month. Anyone know what is going on.....PP purchase is supposed to be open until 10/31
  9. kansasdad

    Washington Post Op/Ed Big Fin mention Kathleen Parker appeared in today's Wichita Eagle with the headline: "We must protect the wolves". WaPo published this late last week, and...
  10. kansasdad

    Proud dad moment

    kansasdaughter1 studied dance management (performance plus the business side of performing arts) graduating several years ago. She moved to Minneapolis, and now is working with a growing church group there (River Valley Church). A new music video was released today. Katie is the choreographer...
  11. kansasdad

    Calling 911---tell us your stories

    Over the years I have had an occasion to call 911 for various reasons. I have called after hearing a crash at a nearby intersection, after seeing pieces of electrical transformers/wiring in the street, and I've called to report a grass fire. My weirdest 911 call happened years ago during my...
  12. kansasdad

    2018 New Mexico Elk with Uncle Jim

    I enjoyed the day by day videos and especially chuckled on Day 6 when you did your (comedy) nod to your sponsors. Really funny and great video editing. PS: Perhaps Jon Crist needs a shout-out for the comedy format
  13. kansasdad

    Times you were happy to not fire your weapon......

    One of the plethora of reasons I enjoy spending time on HuntTalk is the learning aspect offered by members various adventure stories. Already this fall there have been tales told of successes, missed opportunities, and wayward shots that ended up being lethal, and some non-recovered animals...
  14. kansasdad

    WalMart (owner of MooseJaw) entering "premium" gear online market

    Brick and mortar stores facing bigger competition from retailing giant for "premium" gear.
  15. kansasdad

    Pruit out of EPA (resigns effective 7.6.18)

    Scott Pruitt, EPA director has resigned, effective date 7/6. As per recent custom, the news broke on Twitter, with POTUS comments, and naming the acting director rising from deputy director.
  16. kansasdad

    Alberta Bear Adventure

    Early in April, in the middle of my Sunday afternoon nap (observing the 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Nap on Sundays) my brother called to tell me about the possibility of getting to go to Alberta on a Black Bear adventure. He warned me to not get my hopes up, as the circumstances of this trip...
  17. kansasdad

    Montana Black Bear without Randy Newberg 2018

    Bear hunting day one with FreshTracks crew:
  18. kansasdad

    Day by day (without Randy Newberg) day 1 posted to YouTube

    Marcus and Michael head for Nebraska for FreshTracks day by day turkey adventure.
  19. kansasdad

    Great news!!

    Saw this article a couple of days ago. I had hoped America would see the day, but didn't really think it would happen in my lifetime.
  20. kansasdad

    National Park Service advisory panel resignations Washington Post story outlining today's resignation of 10 out of 12 members...