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  1. antlerradar

    Some times it takes a few years.

    Back in the winter 2004 I had group of three nice bucks located. That spring I found 5 of the 6 antlers. I searched hard for the last one but never could find it. This morning I walked out on a little point and there it was fifty yards below me right out in the open. I have been on that point at...
  2. antlerradar

    Best four point set ever.

    I got lucky and found this set yesterday. The best 4 by 4 set I have ever found at 71 on the right and just under 70 on the left.
  3. antlerradar

    Moorehead Bridge is closing

    According too the Powder River Examiner the bridge crossing the powder river near Moorehead is closed and will not likely be reopened in the coming months. One of the support columns is sinking and causing the bridge to sag. Engineers have determined that the bridge is structurally unsound and...
  4. antlerradar

    CWD in CO and WY

    Just last week I was at a sportsman's club meeting with two FWP biologist . Both nice guys. The topic was CWD. CWD has been found in Montana south of Billings and to the north. The SE is where FWP expects it to show up next. CWD is likely already hear but has yet to be detected. The talk...
  5. antlerradar

    found a monster Montana mule deer antler.(for real this time)

    Yesterday afternoon some friends and I got back into some remote for eastern Montana country. I was walking down a south slope when I spotted what I thought at first was a heavy three point antler under a juniper. Some times you get lucky and find that one in a thousand antler. Much to my...
  6. antlerradar

    Snow storm buck.

    I spotted this buck in a near white out snow storm a few days ago. 100 yards was too far in the blinding snow to get a good picture so I put the truck in stealth mode and closed the distance to under 50 yards. I shot him multiple times and he just kept sniffing the does like I wasn't even...
  7. antlerradar

    Found a Montana Monster Mule deer antler

    Monster may be a bit of an exaggeration. I bet I got your attention. I did find this antler today. Monster it is not but is still a really neat find. One of smallest antlers I have ever found. Now I need to match it up
  8. antlerradar

    Looking for a good used Chevy Tahoe

    Wednesday night my college age son smacked a cow on the road with his hand me down 2003 Tahoe. The black Angus kind. He came through without a scratch. The Tahoe not so much. I thank God that he is ok! Would like to entrust his life with another Tahoe. If you have one or know of someone who has...
  9. antlerradar

    Antelope on the move

    This morning going to work I popped over a hill and there was 80 head of antelope heading south on the county road right in front of me. They quickly got off the road and I took a few pictures. Not many antelope where I live and it is hard to say how far they had come from but if they are smart...
  10. antlerradar

    snow fawn

    February has not been kind to wildlife. I took this picture out the bedroom window this morning and it pretty much sums up what the last two weeks of weather have been.
  11. antlerradar

    found some easy ones.

    Whitetails are really dropping. Found 8 easy ones in a hay stack this mourning. Three sets and two singles.
  12. antlerradar

    Hunting SE Montana

    With all the interest in SE Montana and in particular The Custer National Forest. I am just wondering how may have actually hunted deer there . I have hunted SE Montana for many years and plan to return. I have hunted SE Montana for a few years and plan to return. I have hunted SE Montana in...
  13. antlerradar

    Good set

    I went out for a short walk to a field that whitetails are feeding in. Spotted the antler with the fork right a way and the other was only 50 yards away. It is always nice to get a set from one of the better bucks you are watching on the first trip. Usually I find one and spend hours looking for...
  14. antlerradar

    Father , son bull elk

    This started this March. Recently my son and I have been applying for the 900 archery licence first but this year my son would be in his first year of collage at MSU Northern. His hunting time was going to be limited to a few days around Thanksgiving. He applied for the 799 ether sex licence. I...
  15. antlerradar

    Antler in a tree

    I first found this antler in the tree back in 84 or 85. Back then it was in fairly good shape and you could remove it form the tree. It has been more than a few years since I was last to the tree. Today I was in the area and decided to take a picture if the antler was still there. The antler is...
  16. antlerradar

    Nice elk set

    Found this nice set last night. I even remembered to pack a camera.
  17. antlerradar

    Twisted antler

    Found this antler this evening. Saw this buck for a few years and he had twisted antlers like this on both sides year after year. Only antler I have found from him.
  18. antlerradar

    outstanding elk shed

    I glassed up this one just before dark today. One of those antlers that you know instantly that it is a monster. Last years shed. Nearly 15 pounds and scores a bit better than 186. Easily the best elk antler I have ever found. Too bad I forgot to put a card in my camera or I would have some as...
  19. antlerradar

    Nice fresh mule deer

    Last week I noticed that this buck had shed so yesterday I went looking since he had moved to another ridge. I found this antler right away. Spent another 5 hours looking for the other side. Found some older antlers but no luck on the match. This antler has good mass and scores a bit over 79...
  20. antlerradar

    First brown

    Found this big three point whitetail antler in a hay stack this morning. It is from an old buck that has never been much of a scorer. Not a big antler but any antler is a good one in my book.