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  1. prhunter

    Internet Hunting Research Tools

    GoHunt Toprut Hunt Score Tag Hub Which one do you all use and why?
  2. prhunter

    Mid-day rut elk tactics

    Just wondering what tactics do you all use while hunting elk during the rut around mid-day. Do you cow call? Glass? Stand hunt? Locator bugle? etc....
  3. prhunter

    AZ 2020-2021 Hunt Regs

    The AZ 2020-2021 hunting regulations booklet is now available online.
  4. prhunter

    Colorado Wyoming

    Does anyone know if Colorado will release their deer/elk draw results before the Wyoming antelope/deer deadline this year?
  5. prhunter

    First hunt

    So, this weekend I took my daughter on her first ever hunt. We were chasing turkeys in the mountains of NM during their youth only weekend. During our 2 day hunt we managed to call in 3 birds. My daughter couldn't close the deal but had a great time and learned alot in the process. We will try...
  6. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Greeting all, I have an older 50 cal Knight DISC. It uses the original DISC 209 primer ignition system (orange). The barrel is kinda short... under 26" for sure. My question is... does anyone know when were those rifles being manufactured and the rate of twist on those barrels? Thanks in advance.
  7. prhunter

    AZ safari

    During the AZ safari hunts, what is the weapon of choice and ammo used for the antelope Jack rabbits? Thanks
  8. prhunter

    Question for bear hunters

    New Mexico has a pretty early bear season which starts mid August in some units. My question is... how will the summer temperatures affect the length of the hair in the bears coat? I was told by a taxidermist that a bear harvested later in the season would have a better coat. Never hunted...
  9. prhunter

    2020 AZ Javelina

    Day 1 Season started friday. Got on a herd of about 5 or 6 in the morning. As we closed the distance we lost sight of them. Got to the spot but they were nowhere to be found. No more action the rest of the day. There is rain in the forecast for day 2.
  10. prhunter

    Leupold Ultimate Slam SABR Reticle

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience using these scopes with the LR SABR reticle. I plan on installing one on my Traditions In-Line Muzzleloader. Thanks in advance.
  11. prhunter

    Muzzy vs. First Rifle

    I'm sure its been talked about here before but.... Which would you all prefer? Colorado muzzleloader elk or Colorado first rifle elk? What would be pro/cons on one hunt vs the other?
  12. prhunter

    WY Draw question

    Does Wyoming only consider the first two choices like Arizona does or are all three choices looked at like New Mexico does? Thank you in advance
  13. prhunter

    Leupold VX-2 LR Duplex Reticle

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience using these scopes with the LR duplex reticle. Thanks in advance.
  14. prhunter

    Shotgun Barrel Storage

    Just curious to know where and how you all store your extra shotgun barrels. Currently looking for ideas on how to sore my extra barrels. Thanks
  15. prhunter

    WY draw question

    Considering putting in for antelope buck this year and splitting the points with a co-worker. Question is, can we also put in for doe tags on a separate application and add an extra hunter? Not really sure how it works in WY. Thanks in advance.
  16. prhunter

    Leaving in the AM to NM

    I'll be traveling to NM for my desert mule deer hunt which starts on Saturday. Hope to come back with a good story and some pics. Good luck to anyone else who will be hunting this week.
  17. prhunter

    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Hello all. Just returned from my Colorado mule deer hunt. Ended up harvesting this 2x3 buck on day two of the hunt. My buddy had picked up a OTC bull tag so the rest of the time was dedicated to elk. Glassed up a herd on day 4 but the bulls in it were all spikes. Overall, great time, beautiful...
  18. prhunter

    Leaving tomorrow morning

    I will be headed up to CO on Thursday for my 2nd season deer hunt in unit 68/681. My buddies will pick up OTC elk tags as a "just in case" scenario. Good luck to everyone!
  19. prhunter

    RCBS Kit

    Anyone have any experience with the RCBS Reloader Special-5 Kit? I considering purchasing one of those to get started in reloading. Thanks!
  20. prhunter

    Non-Bonded Bullets options

    I'm sure this topic has been covered before but I'm seeking your input in what Non-Bonded bullets are good for general hunting purposes. What has your experience been using Core-Lokts, Power-Shocks, Ballistic Tips, etc.??? Thank you all in advance.