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  1. WildWill

    Family medal returned

    My mom was contacted by a goodwill in Arkansas today apparently some of her uncles things were donated including his purple heart. Thankfully they were able to track down the next of kin my mom and aunt using paperwork found in the trunk. My family and I would like to thank those people at...
  2. WildWill

    Ladies night.

    My niece came by this afternoon to fish. She hadn't been on the property 10 minutes when I hear several shots. I went to investigate and here's what I found. Little jerk even talked me into gutting, skinning, and quartering it for her.
  3. WildWill

    First of the year

    Found my first morrel's while turkey hunting this morning.
  4. WildWill

    Opening morning

    Slow opening morning here in central Oklahoma only 2 gobbles far off. But I do currently have a live decoy in front of the blind hope her boyfriend makes a appearance.
  5. WildWill

    2020 Controlled Hunts

    The 2020 Oklahoma controlled hunt applications opened today and runs through May 20th. Some interesting changes to the elk hunts and some new Turkey and deer hunts. Goodluck everyone!
  6. WildWill

    Spring has sprung

    Walked out the house this morning and had a hen under the feeder in the front yard. Saw 6 more turkeys driving the couple miles down our gravel road. All the toms/jakes were gobbling their heads off.
  7. WildWill

    First beaver

    A lady who let's me hunt her property asked if I'd help her get rid of a few beavers that are tearing up her pond. I usually run a few traps on my property and lease this time of year for fox, bobcat, coyote, and coons for predator control but have never trapped beaver. Unfortunately we can't...
  8. WildWill

    Truck target

    I'm in the market for a smaller archery target to take with me on roadtrip hunts. Was at Academy the other day and liked the looks of the Morrel Dual threat and the Block 6×6 anyone have any experience with either? I'd like for the target to be compact but not tiny, has to be able to handle...
  9. WildWill

    Wyoming deadline

    Last day to get your elk apps in. The only chance I have at drawing my type 1 tag will be in the random draw but hoping to draw a cow/calf tag. May cant come soon enough goodluck in the draw everyone.
  10. WildWill

    Galveston charter boat?

    Renting a beach house in Surfside beach Tx this year in July for family vacation. Plan on doing a day of off shore fishing specifically targeting snapper. Anyone have any recommendations? Looking at having 4-6 people and would like to keep it under $2500. We always fished out of Galveston but...
  11. WildWill

    Shot my blind!

    So went out and sat in my pop up blind over looking some winter rye this morning. A young 8 point fed out before 8am followed by a doe and fawn then a big lone doe. I let them feed closer till the big doe was 16 yards and broadside. I drew my bow got the pin sighted through the peep and made...
  12. WildWill

    Whole quarter

    Was watching a new Meateater recently where Steve grills a whole sika deer quarter and it looked amazing. I decided to give it a try with the ham of a smaller whitetail doe my wife shot last week. I trimmed the ham put it in Claudes beef brisket marinade for a couple hours studded it with garlic...
  13. WildWill

    Rifle tag filled

    Had some great hunting the last 3 days now to start chasing ducks.
  14. WildWill

    Pig killing day

    Killed, gutted, and split last night have two buddies over now about to start cutting. Will update with photos.
  15. WildWill

    Arizona super raffle?

    Anyone know when the Arizona super raffle will open for the 2020 tags? I like to get a couple each month to have a shot at the bonus drawings last year it opened in October.
  16. WildWill

    Homemade bacon

    Killed one of our pigs recently and just finished my first batch of bacon. The cure consists of salt, pepper, brown sugar, paprika, Prague powder(curing salt), and maple syrup. I let a 3 pound piece cure for 7 days then rinsed it off and let it dry in the fridge for a day. Then I smoked it at...
  17. WildWill

    Assorted meats

    I made 6 pounds of snack sticks, 2 corned deer/antelope roast, and a pastrami yesterday. Plan on putting the snack sticks on the smoker this evening when I get home. The others will need about a week to cure.
  18. WildWill

    Spotting deer with the crew

    Doing some spotting with my favorite hunting partners from the dining room.
  19. WildWill

    2019 Wyoming adventure

    I'd like to start this thread by thanking everyone who has taken the time to post their hunts or season on the live thread and allowing me and others to follow along and live vicariously through your experiences. I've enjoyed following along through the ups and downs and learning from some very...
  20. WildWill

    37 WY

    I was lucky enough to draw a type 6 deer tag for 37 this year. For anyone familiar with the unit I have a few question. How's the deer population doing in the area? Are there any cool places to visit or good places to eat around Thermopolis? And most importantly how is the fishing on the bighorn...