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    2017 CA Archery Bear (pic)

    I was fortunate enough to sneak up on this big ol' bruin this week (November 20th) while hunting deer in Northern California. An arrow from 23 yards did the trick......huge head on this bear that also had an incredible color phase coat.

    CA Turkey Double-Archery Style (pics)

    With all the kids grown, my wife decided she wants to get back into archery......and bowhunting. Looks like my regular hunting buddy will have to make some room. :) We took a long ride to Northern California to hunt with some good friends who know turkeys very well. After a few 'practice'...

    My First Whitetail (pics)

    Well, I finally did it.........I actually hunted whitetail deer. It's been on my bucket list to do for a few years now, but for some reason I've always veered back towards the mule deer. Well, after getting an invite from a good friend that I know from Pope & Young, my buddy and I (Ed...

    P&Y Convention 2015-Phoenix

    Anyone attending the P&Y Convention this April (15-18) in Phoenix? It will be a great convention with many bowbenders throughout the nation and other parts of the world where bowhunting is popular. I leave this Wednesday (25th) for Phoenix to conduct the panel measurement on all the top heads...

    CA Archery Turkey (pics)

    Last weekend I was able to travel up to the northern portion of the Golden State to bowhunt turkeys with some friends. After experiencing a few call shy birds, I did what I do best.....stalked in on this 5 year old gobbler (their estimate). One arrow at 28 yards did the trick. He had over a...

    2012 Archery Elk (pics)

    Here's a freaky bull elk I arrowed in AZ a few days back at 33 yards as he was raking a tree and fending off satellite bulls. He's a unique old bull that G&F estimated to be 8.5 years old. Absolutely the biggest bodied elk I've ever arrowed estimated by the meat locker to be 750 pounds. I'm...

    CA Archery Gobblers (pics)

    Last weekend I was invited to bowhunt with two veteran archery turkey hunters from the Northern half of the Golden State. What an incredible weekend! My hunts didn't last very long, as I arrowed a good gobbler (9" beard 1" spurs) Saturday morning 10 minutes into my morning hunt after Chris and...

    CA Bobcat Mount

    Looks like my 2010 archery bobcat is done, as the taxidermist sent me photos of my bobcat mount. Cats are difficult to re-create for many taxidermist, so I did a little checking around and found a taxidermist down in El Centro (Breck Dickinson) that has a reputation for doing good cat work...

    Some CA Mule Deer (pics)

    Here's some California mule deer I photographed over the long Thanksgiving weekend. The wife, kids and I had our annual turkey diner in the trailer at the base of the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range. Got to love marrying a lady from Wyoming who doesn't mind fixing holiday supper in the trailer...
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    2011 AZ Coues Deer (pics)

    Well, after 25+ consecutive years of chasing mule deer in August, I was prepared to hike into a wilderness in CO to make my annual quest. However, after a buddy of mine scouted the bowls I was going to hunt, he only saw a handful of bucks, with the biggest somewhere in the low 160’s. I wasn’t...
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    Hey Big Fin

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    CA Coyote.....archery style

    With nothing really going on this weekend (except some college homework), I decided to go out and try calling some predators this morning. A quick 15 minute drive from my house here in the desert, and I started calling. I managed to call this song dog in and stick him at 35 yards. I'm really...
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    AZ Mule Deer/Javelina Hunt (pics)

    Just got back from my annual Arizona archery desert mule deer hunt. Since I had a 2010 tag, I headed over a few days early (27th) with the hopes of tagging a buck before the end of the year. After a few close encounters, I ended up arrowing this 24” wide 3x4 on the last day of the season...
  14. BOHNTR

    CA Desert Coyote (pics)

    Went out this morning in Mojave desert near my house with the hopes of calling in a coyote close enough to take with my bow and arrow. Figured it would be a good tune-up for next week's Arizona archery deer trip. At the second stand area, this male yote came trotting on in looking for an easy...
  15. BOHNTR

    Live CA Mule Deer (pics)

    Took the wife and kids up to the Sierras this week to enjoy a bit of predator calling......and most of all photograph some Golden State mule deer. Here's a few photos of some bucks.....nothing like the Strip or Henries, but decent bucks for these parts. Hope you enjoy...
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    CA Bobcat (pic)

    After many years of trying, I finally managed to call a CA bobcat into bow range this week. After my second calling sequence, this big ol' feline came to within 21 yards before my arrow was on it's way. To say I was pumped would be an understatement. Of all the critters I've arrowed with a bow...
  17. BOHNTR

    Son's First Yote

    While out blacktail (hybrid) deer hunting yesterday morning, my son (Cody) and I were able to sneak in on this ol' coyote. One arrow did the trick and Cody had his first coyote with a bow! He was pretty pumped, as we've been calling them during the off-season and he hasn't been able to connect...
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    09 CA Blacktails (Hybrid)

    Tough season this year for the bigger bucks..........September and October will go down in history as one of the driest and warmest in a long time here. Coupled with the fact that we had no rain for several months prior.......well antler development was a bit lacking this year. My son didn't...
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    2009 CO Archery Buck

    29.5" wide......6x5........4" eye-guards......will gross in the mid 170's and net in the mid 160's......ran into the timber from the alpine tundra (11,400' elevation). Good to be home after that multi-mile pack-out! Hope you enjoy.
  20. BOHNTR

    March 09 Archery Hog

    Here's a photo of my son's first CA archery wild hog he arrowed this past weekend. One arrow at 30 yards did the trick.......looks like we'll have plenty of sausage coming! :D