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  1. antelopedundee

    Member kurt123

    If you are looking to buy and get contacted by him offering it to you and to contact it's probably scam bam thank you ma'am. Just a heads up. kurt123 is now listed as member not found. Took me for fitty bucks.
  2. antelopedundee


    Set of new Leupold scope covers. The objective cover won't fit the VX5-HD that I have. $85 TYD. Packages were opened and items checked to see if they fit. Otherwise they are as new condition. No fee PP preferred. If you're not familiar with the no fee aspect please ask about how to do it. Here...
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    A woman is sitting at her husband’s funeral. A man leans in and asks her, “Do you mind if I say a word?” “No, go right ahead,” the widow replies. The man stands, clears his throat and says, “Plethora” and then sits back down. “Thank you,” the woman says, “that means a lot to me”
  4. antelopedundee

    shipping meat

    Would there be expected to be any issues if a friend ships wild game to a friend? A game processor needs an interstate game tag to ship game meat out of state. Would a friend need one?
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    Never used one, but can someone explain the purpose of the small hole on this one? Almost looks to me like an alignment hole for a ring with an alignment pin.
  6. antelopedundee

    Wyoming App Question

    Have not used it yet this year, but for those who have can you pay by other than credit card?
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    How many have their motel rooms booked? Last night I went to book at my usual spot in Douglas and it was all full. Ended up with a spot at the Budget Inn. Used to stay there when it was called I think the Alpine Inn.
  8. antelopedundee

    AR Type Rifles for Deer Hunting!

    For those of you who live in states where rifles are allowed for deer hunting what percentage of hunters would you say use something like the AR-15 for deer hunting?
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    With the popularity and availability of drones has anyone had issues [good, bad or otherwise] with others using drones to spot/locate game or "chase" game or interfere with other hunters' pursuit of game animals? Have any states enacted measures against the use of drones in the pursuit of game...
  10. antelopedundee

    FOR SALE, BULLETS, VARIOUS, .25 Cal, 6.5mm & 7mm.38 cal

    I have for sale the following items. I'm in central Iowa so pick up could work or if someone wants enough to make flat rate postage worthwhile, I'd split that. Would take checks [must clear], USPS money orders or PPFF. I'm keydatekoinz on eBay and could provide other references. Message here...
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    I was in need of a bar to lap a set of 30mm scope rings. Since Sinclair units are like $50 or so plus shipping I ended up buying a 30mm carbon steel bar that's almost 20 inches long. I was thinking of getting it cut into 3 equal pieces [Sinclair bars are 8 inches] since it's too long as is. So I...
  12. antelopedundee

    Wyoming Antelope Hunt Areas

    Has anyone here ever [just for chits and giggles] traversed the boundaries of their antelope hunt area? Is it even possible to do it in a vehicle?
  13. antelopedundee

    Sierra tgk bullets?

    Was browsing around my local Sportsman's Warehouse today and ran across a new offering from Sierra called the Gamechanger or TGK. Bought a box of 6.5 mm 130 grainers. Looks like a Hornady SST clone with a green polymer tip...
  14. antelopedundee

    Knife sharpener

    Any recommendations for an electric unit suitable for hunting knives? I'll hang up and listen.
  15. antelopedundee

    What critter chit this?

    Taken in YNP on 09.07.2018 near Artist Point.
  16. antelopedundee

    For Sale: NIB LEUPOLD VX-2 4-12; 40mm AO RIFLE SCOPE WIND PLEX #120613

    I have a NIB LEUPOLD VX-2 4-12; 40mm AO RIFLE SCOPE WIND PLEX #120613 $395 shipped.
  17. antelopedundee

    Trespass Fee?

    What are people here paying for trespass fees for antelope in Wyoming? $350 this year and no extra charge to fill a doe tag. After the 4th day I pretty much have the whole ranch to myself.
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    Remington 783

    Anyone here have one or use one?
  19. antelopedundee

    Remington Message Boards

    Does anyone have links to boards like this that discuss Remington rifles?