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  1. mtmiller

    Some bighorn stuff

    Hey there fella.
  2. mtmiller

    Particular music on a hunting trip?

    You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby You're gonna die
  3. mtmiller

    APR Bison - anybody applying?

    Weird. Almost like exercising private property rights.
  4. mtmiller

    APR Bison - anybody applying?

    I missed where this was described as a hunt. If someone want to give me a two-year old bison for $300, but I have to kill it, sign me up.
  5. mtmiller

    Rattlesnakes while hunting

    I am hoping to do better. This just poppoed up on my FB page from eight years ago. I now have better glass and hope to get better focus on the head. Here is a trophy from a couple years ago. I was at work, so just a quick picture and back to work. He had some girth for MT.
  6. mtmiller

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Tough guy.
  7. mtmiller

    Breaks Deer

    Welcome home
  8. mtmiller

    Fight Pics

  9. mtmiller

    Utah 2020 Draw Results Thread

    Four-of-a-kind UNSUCCESSFUL
  10. mtmiller

    Grizzly Bear Paw (Sedated)

    Haha. First thing I thought of as well. Just heard recently how it was written. Who knows if it was true, but good story.
  11. mtmiller

    BLM Maps

    I have a pile of BLM maps that I never use anymore. OnX and Explorer for Arc see lots of action.
  12. mtmiller

    Dogs are Hunting Partners - Let's see 'em

    No hunting trips this time of year, but GuNR still puts up with me on our travels....of course he gets to ride shotgun more often now. He knows when the tripod comes out he has to pose and let me get focus. :rolleyes:
  13. mtmiller

    Best Hunting pad

    I like my NeoAir. Dog gets the z-pad.
  14. mtmiller

    Landscapes (pics)

    Where I spent my weekend.
  15. mtmiller

    Montana Moose Sheep and Goat results!!

    No leave request slip needed for 2020.
  16. mtmiller

    Landscapes (pics)

  17. mtmiller

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Marsh weekend.