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  1. Mthuntr

    Partial List of Things I Don't Get

    I believe Nancy and Karen are sisters...possibly twins
  2. Mthuntr

    Hammer bullets?

    Yeah I'm excited to see these 7mm 151s he's been messing with but of course I have probably 75 143HH to burn up first and that'll take years and even then I probably won't change it.
  3. Mthuntr

    OYOA Narrator

    I think it was common, at the time, to have a narrator that wasn't actually involved in the hunt. I remember a pile of shows had one
  4. Mthuntr

    Hammer bullets?

    The idea is to shed the 4 petals creating 5 moving pieces to damage the tissue. The petals move away from the base which continues on causing it's own damage on the way through the animal. The last deer I shot, the bullet entered in behind the shoulder. 1 petal when up into the spine and...
  5. Mthuntr

    New or used InReach?

    FYI to all users, be sure to run your updates when you change your preset contacts and messages. I forgot this weekend and sent preset check ins to my ex girlfriend. Luckily we're on speaking terms and she forwarded the message to mutual friends
  6. Mthuntr

    Weight loss

    I trimmed my beard way back...found a loaf's worth of sourdough bread crumbs in it :LOL:
  7. Mthuntr

    Where do you get your casings?

    Butcher Packer, Sausage Maker, Frisco Spices, or local butcher if they have some for fresh casings Many sporting stores, Amazon (Pre Covid), grocery stores for shelf-stable cured/preserved cases
  8. Mthuntr

    Hammer bullets?

    I really like them and am switching to them in all of my hunting rifles when I burn through the bullets I have on hand.
  9. Mthuntr

    Scope for a Remington m783 .270

    My bad I read your post as POI was within 1 moa...meaning it shifted an MOA
  10. Mthuntr

    Crimped 7mm Rem Mag Primer? is a piece of Hornady 280ai brass
  11. Mthuntr

    Scope for a Remington m783 .270

    this would be unacceptable to me that tells me things are not zero
  12. Mthuntr

    Scope for a Remington m783 .270

    No offense but that makes absolutely zero sense. I bet there is change that you don't notice but you're messing with fire on that one
  13. Mthuntr

    items missing from FWP applications site

    I guess I still have almost 2 months before the deadline but I was in applying for Deer B tags. Also figured since my elk and deer permits were in a unit known to be hit especially hard by wolves I should probably buy one this year
  14. Mthuntr

    items missing from FWP applications site

    Anyone notice that applications for Cranes is not available on the FWP site? Also I see option to purchase wolf permits are missing too. I sent FWP an email and didn't want to wait 45 minutes on hold. Am I missing something?
  15. Mthuntr

    Tent-Share or not Share?

    Unless the tent is big that's a hard pass. Never with someone known to snore.
  16. Mthuntr

    Match bullets

    Pics or it didn't happen ;)
  17. Mthuntr

    Scope for a Remington m783 .270

    If possible take your rifle to the store that you're buying the scope and have them help you mount everything. A reputable store will be very willing to help you if you buy stuff from them I'd probably pick the 3-9 Leupold Freedom but I've never compared it to the Vortex Diamondback. I bet...
  18. Mthuntr

    Broadhead details/opinions

    Personally if you can shoot something accurately and it's sharp then I'd shoot it. 100% against mechanical broadheads. I lean toward 2 blade cut on contact broadheads and although have never shot an elk with my bow I like how Magnus Stinger 125 grains (with bleeders) fly for me.
  19. Mthuntr

    Myth or fact? Vibrating live ammo is dangerous.

    It's temp swings not vibration. The variation likely degraded the powder and primers but nothing screws up an already near max load like heating ammo in the sun or truck.