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  1. OverlordBear

    Cool Bull Elk Story..

    I am not saying I am, I am articulating why this story might not receive as much positive attention that it could other wise receive due to some complaints that this is a “harsh crowd.” I personally commend the wildlife officer who was thoughtful and considerate of everyone involved. The hunter...
  2. OverlordBear

    Cool Bull Elk Story..

    People from Utah might get more love if they did not have such as strong push for privatization of federal lands always coming from their state or prominent people affiliated with their state. Not saying it is fair, but ole Mike Lee and Rob Bishop public land positions do more harm then good for...
  3. OverlordBear

    Spring Small Game

    That is a big vole, definitely b and c score of 7 inches lol 😂 don’t forget the euro mount
  4. OverlordBear

    Glock, 40sw in a 10mm

    How about use the manufacturers intended ammunition for the proper weapon you are using. IE a .40 cal bullet/cartridge with a .40 cal gun. And a 10 mm bullet/cartridge with a 10 mm gun. Maybe do this in a survival situation or SHTF but under any normal circumstances as an American who has...
  5. OverlordBear

    Kentucky Elk

    Unlike Steve I would take the first legal elk that you are happy with. I shot my five by five in Colorado after 6 years of hunting and I still love looking at him.
  6. OverlordBear

    Kentucky Elk

    Steve Rinella has an episode on his Kentucky Elk hunt in the Cumberland gap. I would start there and see what you learn. Besides it is a great episode.
  7. OverlordBear

    Idaho Moose/Sheep/Goat Draw Results Thread

    I drew my first moose antlerless tag. Holy smokes I am so jacked, right now.
  8. OverlordBear

    Deer meal

    Marinate them in milk with a light salt and pepper dry rub then grill until medium rare and bon a petit
  9. OverlordBear

    feral cat

    This thread and the vice video has made me start live trapping cats. I have caught four in my first two weeks of trapping. None of them have collars and all appeared to have some form of mange. The birds in our area have started to notice. I have found four ground laying nests for different...
  10. OverlordBear

    feral cat

    your trap has too much cover over the top. Open it up and make sure you have air flow over the bait. The scent is what makes them go inside.
  11. OverlordBear

    Gun Safes?

    I think I might be the first to say it, congrats on having a kid on the way. You ll be a great dad if you continue to bring your high level of emotional intelligence into fatherhood like you do with your HT posts. 👍 Before I bought a house while I was renting I used a cheap 16 gun sentry gun...
  12. OverlordBear

    I'm Truly Thankful for my Mountain Goat Tag, but Some People Make You Wonder

    Following if this is your response to getting the tag, I can’t wait to follow the scouting and the hunt itself. This should be epic!!
  13. OverlordBear

    Utah 2020 Draw Results Thread

    use a credit card like a firewall for all of your finances. Credit cards have better fraud protection and it is not your actual money being used online. Using a debit card anywhere is like waiving your checking account to the world. You don’t have to maintain a balance on them you just pay them...
  14. OverlordBear

    Ok you east coast SOB's give up them honey holes

    Are big iron foothold traps legal anymore? I am sometimes worried that someday some poor hunter or hiker will step on a 100+ year old leg snapper and cry all trapping foul.
  15. OverlordBear

    2018 AK Moose Hunt

    Great bull and fun video really enjoyed the moose encounter on film. They are magnificent creatures.
  16. OverlordBear

    Unit 51 Oct 17-21 mature bull

    Welcome to Hunt Talk go get an ONX Map subscription and watch Randy EScouting YouTube video series and you should figure it out from there.
  17. OverlordBear

    DIY Caribou in Brooks Range that Randy and I discussed on Podcast
  18. OverlordBear

    DIY Caribou in Brooks Range that Randy and I discussed on Podcast

    Damon when are you hunting with Randy together. You are great hunting personality and it would be fun to watch you guys bow hunt musk ox and caribou in Greenland. Hope things are good and miss your adventures on the podcast. By the way are you going to do any blood tracking dog videos for this...
  19. OverlordBear

    Cabelas and Bass pro shop merger always did stink.

    The only thing that makes me nervous about laundry is the dreaded “fitted sheet” I have now resorted to checking all the folds in a fitted sheet for MIA socks and then I stuff the fitted sheets into a corresponding pillow case. I am not falling for that Tom foolery anymore .
  20. OverlordBear

    Colorado Sheep/Goat/Moose Draw Results Thread

    I bet there was a lot of explaining to do with the wife lol. I put in for two moose tags this year so I could be in the same boat.