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  1. TheBenHoyle

    My first buck Euro mount complete, finally

    I am an adult onset hunter and I finally got a deer after 2.5 seasons of hunting. It was a young buck that I took with my bow back in 2018. I posted that story on Hunt Talk, but I wanted to share the picture of the Euro mount that I finally finished mounting. That's the finished project...
  2. TheBenHoyle

    What to do with a single horn?

    So I got this single horn from an acquaintance. He said it was from a bison and there was a Euro bison skull in the room that was lacking it's horns, so I assumed the horn was truly from that mount. I sanded it and waxed it to give it a nice shine, but now I want to do something neat with it...
  3. TheBenHoyle

    Solo waterfowl hunting in a kayak or canoe?

    Any of you use a kayak to go waterfowl hunting? If so, do you have a specific kayak you like and how do you go about camouflaging yourself/kayak? I am also interested in thoughts on canoe waterfowling, but it is more likely I will be going out solo so a kayak is more likely what I would use...
  4. TheBenHoyle

    Ben's 2020 Semi-live hunt log

    I just confirmed that I will be going out on Saturday for some late season archery hunting in that little stand of woods I have been hunting the last 2 seasons. I should have northwest winds at 10 mph and it should be partly sunny after a Friday evening and overnight snow/rain. Looking forward...
  5. TheBenHoyle

    Doe problems

    I just heard this one, I'm sure it's not new, but I thought I'd share it. Doe walks out of the treeline saying, "That's the last time I do that for 2 bucks."
  6. TheBenHoyle

    Favorite Arrow?

    OK, so I think I am creating a baseball player-esque superstition in that even though I have 6 hunting arrows in my quiver, I always reach for good old number 3 first. I have taken two deer and a squirrel with my bow and it has always been with my #3 arrow. I suppose I could start using a...
  7. TheBenHoyle

    Ben's 2019 Semi-live hunt log

    Well, it's probably a month before I get to do any hunting, but I bought my Illinois archery deer and turkey tags so it feels like the season starts now. Here's a little run down of my plans: I have a lead on a new place to possibly do some September Canada goose hunting, which would be a...
  8. TheBenHoyle

    Spotting Elk

    I heard this joke and had to modify it a little for this forum. Q: Why don't you ever see Elk hiding high up in tree branches? A: Because they are SO GOOD AT IT!
  9. TheBenHoyle

    Collapsible fishing rod

    I am hoping some of you experienced fishermen can give me direction. I am looking for a good fishing rod that is truly collapsible. Maybe something designed for backpacking. I looked at Bass Pro last summer and I couldn't find anything that was really collapsible, which surprised me. They had...
  10. TheBenHoyle

    Semi-live Illinois 2019 Turkey hunting thread

    Guys, I've got a serious case of the fidgets. In just about 40 hours I'll be out under a tree somewhere waiting for old tom to meet my new shotgun. I have a tag for this weekend and I am hoping for success on Saturday, because I will have some trouble getting out for any type of hunt on Easter...
  11. TheBenHoyle

    The joy of shooting a bow

    I had taken a little hiatus from shooting my bow after deer/turkey archery season ended, mainly because it is so cold and dark when I get home from work. But I forced myself to go out and shoot last night and I was struck by just how much I enjoy shooting my bow. During the season I practice but...
  12. TheBenHoyle

    Turkey hunting in Tennessee?

    Hey guys, just looking for some real-world knowledge from anyone who might have it and be willing to share. It has been a few years since I have had a chance to go turkey hunting with my dad because he has gotten so busy in his retirement. In Illinois you have to apply in December for week-long...
  13. TheBenHoyle

    TheBenHoyle's 2018 Fall hunts (Turkey, Deer, Waterfowl)

    Just as a way of introduction, I am an Illinois hunter chasing turkeys, deer and waterfowl this fall. I'm 42, but I didn't really start hunting until my mid 30s and this will only be my 3rd season after deer. I have yet to get one. My season is just about to start, with shotgun turkey the...
  14. TheBenHoyle

    New to HuntTalk - Located in Illinois

    Hey guys, just joined the HuntTalk family. I'm 40 and have been hunting on and off for about 20 years. Mainly pheasants and turkeys. This is my first year deer hunting and also my first year archery hunting. In a perfect world I would be hunting every weekend and eating what I bring home. But...