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  1. NEWHunter

    WY Antelope Point Creep

    Well guys, we’re about a month out from the application deadline. I did a little bit of draw odds research and over the last three years, units in the special have crept up about 0.6 points/year. In the regular draw, units have crept up about 0.4 points/year. This is based on a “random...
  2. NEWHunter

    First Bird

    All of our turkey hunting consists of pursuing birds in the suburbs in my home area of WI. With youth season approaching, I started sending my dad out to see which of our spots held birds. Thankfully, a 15 acre parcel had a had a flock of about 20 passing through fairly regularly. There were...
  3. NEWHunter

    Quarantine Log

  4. NEWHunter

    Home Offices . . . Let’s See Them

    I’m sure a lot of us are now trying to work from home. I’m working on getting my home office set up given that I think this is going to last a while. I’m going with a hunting theme. Nice thing about the new spot is it’s much easier to get the important stuff done like review old threads for...
  5. NEWHunter

    Anybody Buying Yet? Where’s the Bottom?

    I spent about 10% of my available cash today on some shares of SPY for the IRA. I’ll probably continue to buy if the market keeps dropping. Anybody else start buying today or are you waiting?
  6. NEWHunter

    Gauze or No Gauze

    In an effort to dual purpose some items in my pack, I decided last year that I wasn’t going to include any gauze in my emergency kit. Figured I would just cut up a game bag if I felt I needed it that badly. Thoughts on whether game bag strips will serve as an acceptable replacement.
  7. NEWHunter

    They’re Here

    Time to check your mailbox! WY antelope tags showed up in the mail today. Even better news is the doctor signed off on my Dad’s disabled permits today!
  8. NEWHunter

    Ducks Unlimited Credit Card

    Thought I’d try and post what I hope is a bit of a public service announcement. It appears that through DU you can get a Visa credit that offers 5% cash back on gas and sporting goods store purchases and 1% back on everything else. The card doesn’t appear to have an annual fee either and they...
  9. NEWHunter

    Tips for a Disabled Hunter in WY - Live Updates

    Hi All, I’m going to be taking my Dad to WY this fall for his first pronghorn hunt. He is disabled (multiple sclerosis) and will be limited to hunting from a vehicle and or a blind within a few feet of a road/two track. I am aware that we cannot shoot from a public road. We’ll be getting a...
  10. NEWHunter

    New WY Antelope Research Information Source

    Over the last few days WY Fish and Game has added some new features to the Hunt Planner on their website. Some of that information includes a unit summary, public land percentage by unit, and other information. I found the new info interesting and informative. Although I did find a unit where...
  11. NEWHunter


    Hi All, I've been checking out the forums for quite some time when I decided a couple of years ago I wanted to try and get out and hunt the west. I'm a lifelong hunter and Wisconsin resident - NEWHunter as in NorthEastWisconsinHunter. I have taken a couple of bears, some deer, and several...