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  1. elk_hunter

    Meat Processing in Montana

    Disclaimer: I am posting this with Randy's permission ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi gang, I wanted to let you know that my parents (Doug & Meg) recently bought Budget Game Processing in Belgrade, Montana. Many know the prior owner shut it down while he was transitioning out of the business and it was...
  2. elk_hunter

    Montana Bear Hunt, Spring 2016

    Well, better late than never to recap this hunt - got caught up in work and summer activities with the kiddos plus school has kicked off again so before I head out for archery elk shortly, I figured I ought to squeeze in the thread. Every time I think about or look at pictures/videos from this...
  3. elk_hunter

    Montana Deer

    Better late than never getting this posted up; Thanksgiving and some work frenzy pushed this a bit but here goes! This hunt is a short, sweet story - almost Oak style! It literally was as lucky as my brother and I cutting what looked like fresh-ish tracks in the snow one frigid morning...
  4. elk_hunter

    FS: Garmin Rino 530hcx

    Up for sale is a very lightly used (as in a few times in one season) Garmin Rino 530hcx GPS but, due to an upgrade awhile back, it's just been collecting dust and another thread on here reminded me that I still had this. PM me a fair/reasonable offer and it's yours!
  5. elk_hunter

    Montana Elk

    Montana was kind again to me this year. Made the trek with my brother after years of not getting our schedules to align and we had a helluva great time. And the bonus is I had an extra pack mule! If this little guy can make it a few more years, he will be a dandy!
  6. elk_hunter

    Leica CRF1200 Rangefinder

    Used a few seasons and in great shape (carrying case included but not pictured). Just replaced the battery. Distance is excellent - pinged a front door at 1305 yards. $450 TYD + insurance included
  7. elk_hunter

    Kenetrek Hardscrabble Boots

    Guys, on a recent hunt to Montana, I discovered my boots leak (maybe only 3 years old)...........anyone have any experience with Customer Service at Kenetrek? I was poking around on their site and printed the form thinking I'd send my boots in for an eval...thoughts?
  8. elk_hunter

    2013 Montana Bull

    Grab the popcorn gents…this is a bit long-winded! But first, a preview…
  9. elk_hunter

    Friday Jukebox

    Let's kick things off...
  10. elk_hunter

    NV Results

    They are up! I drew a muley tag - yeah baby!!! :hump: Unfortunately, the Drawing Gods weren't happy with me this year because I didn't draw anything else :(
  11. elk_hunter

    Friday Music

    I'll kick it off today... How about some Patty Loveless! ;)
  12. elk_hunter

    Randy, jealous???

    This isn't a cruel April Fool's joke...but Randy, you might get the hankerin for one now that I showed you mine ;) It's hot here in LV so I ran down and grabbed one of these frosty treats
  13. elk_hunter

    Nevada Muleys

    Better late than never for posting these...this toad was in the backyard running his girls :)
  14. elk_hunter

    First Ball

    Nope, the title is correct...not first bull's spelled in dance. They are 8 and almost 6...time is going by too fast! I put hunting on ice this weekend and took my daughters to their first ball. It is a Father-Daughter ball put on annually so that's all you'll find...
  15. elk_hunter

    Twas the Night Before Christmas............

    .............and my mother-in-law arrived. No really, true story. Scary but true. :( I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that has an in-law that A) can't stand them and B) is just plain crazy. But if I am, you'll find this mildly entertaining. And probably laugh at my misery. :eek: So...
  16. elk_hunter

    Fishing with my girls

    Things have been crazy with schedules this year and I've been promising my daughters (almost 7 and 5) that I'd take them fishing this summer. So Friday I cut out of work early and took my girls fishing...and my youngest caught her first two fish ever! Today, I jammed through a bunch of house...
  17. elk_hunter

    2011 MT Archery Elk

    Sorry I didn't get this post up sooner but that's what happens when you get home early from a hunt...something is always bound to come up at work or home that just flattens you. :o At any rate, here's the quick rundown of my MT archery elk hunt. Dad drove from CO and I drove from NV to MT...
  18. elk_hunter

    Kenetrek Question

    Gents, does anyone have any experience with the 'KENETREK HARDSCRABBLE HIKER LT' boots? I'm looking to switch from Danner's (they are too damn narrow for my feet) and I don't know if I can take another season in them. I will be trying a pair on this weekend at a local shop to see how they feel...
  19. elk_hunter

    FJ40 Landcruiser Parts

    Hey guys, if any of you are in the market for Landcruiser parts and need to get their hunting/trail rig tidied up before the fall, let me know because I've got a bunch of stuff that I don't need now that my project is winding down.
  20. elk_hunter

    Hallelujah, A Moneymaking Opportunity

    Gents, I'd feel bad if I kept this for myself...that would be way too in the HOLY SPIRIT of giving, I've decided to post this email I received. If you're inclined to take a share of the money, have at it. Especially you, Moose-man. :D From Mrs. Stacy Russell (URGENT REPLY...