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  1. glass eye

    tahr hunting in nz

    Who told you a guide is required ? Sounds like maybe a guide told you that $$$$. I've been there 5 times and was there June 2019 and I've never hired a guide.
  2. glass eye

    Polling: What state hates the fat, rich, nonresident big game hunter most? (this is for fun, guys and gals)

    I'm a CA resident. However, the tag I drew was the only one issued for that hunt. I don't know which state hates non-residents the most, but I do know that every state hates Californians the most.
  3. glass eye

    California Draw Statistics and Opportunities

    For deer I have drawn G6, M3, A26 Bass Hill. Surprise Valley Antelope, and Tule Elk East Park Reservoir Bull. Now if can just draw sheep. No grand illusions of drawing it though.
  4. glass eye

    Flying with Rifles - Does a 63" rifle case exist?

    I no longer fly with gun cases. They are flat and even if you remove the padding and fill it with clothes you won't yield much. Now I travel with a SKB Golf case that I can fit a lot of gear in together with my guns and max it out to 50#. I added locks to both ends.
  5. glass eye

    Looking to get a Compound Bow

    There are a lot of new bow junkies out there that have to have the latest greatest, so they are always selling their "old" bows. You can find a one or 2 year old bow at a fraction of the cost of a new bow.
  6. glass eye

    Friday music

    Not an oldie but it takes me back in time.
  7. glass eye

    Musk ox Oder?

    I dry tan all my skins and when I rehydrate stinky skins like goats, I soak them in a deodorizing agent. It's sold in taxidermy catalogs but like many taxidermy supplies they are products you can find in local stores but they have repackaged them for a higher price. It smells like a janitorial...
  8. glass eye

    Hello from the left coast

    Welcome from El Centro CA. Nevada and Arizona would be good neighboring states to start. Also Hawaii is cheap if you do it like the locals.
  9. glass eye

    Greetings from SoCal!

    Welcome from El Centro CA
  10. glass eye

    Traveling hunter strategy

    NZ is super easy to navigate DIY and cheap. No tags or license fees, unless you bird hunt.
  11. glass eye

    Microchip implant or don't work

    Signs of the times... We see the control of the Government over the masses and we see Bill Gates pushing his agenda of a vaccine/microchip. We see the media giving Gates a platform and politicians are jumping on the wagon. So, what will you do when the chip becomes mandatory and cash is fazed...
  12. glass eye

    Ravn air bankruptcy

    I bought a flight to St. Paul Island back in February on miles. Hopefully Alaska Airlines gets the contract and they start flying out there with their bigger birds like on Adak. With flights booked with miles I should be able to change my flight up to 60 days prior to departure. Did it before...