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  1. MTGomer

    Cattle Grazing Proposal in the Sonoran Desert National Monument

    The BLM is considering reopening cattle grazing in the SDNM. This place is hot, dry and has limited resources for the wildlife that lives there such as desert tortoises, Gila Monsters, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep and hopefully soon, the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. It faces other...
  2. MTGomer

    Kuiu and Sitka for Sale

    Cleaning out a few things I find myself not needing lately. Prices include shipping in the L48. Pay with PayPal Comment to claim. Sitka Ascent Shirt - $115 Size: Large Color: Subalpine Worn once, like new. SOLD Sitka Heavyweight Hoody - $90 - SOLD Size: Large Color: Optifade OpenCountry...
  3. MTGomer

    We 'Need' Wolves on the Kaibab and SW Colorado...

    ...according to the CBD. also, @mtmiller did you get a 2nd job?
  4. MTGomer

    AZ hunting license purchased at vendor?

    I’m fairly new to AZ. I realize that hunting licenses CAN be purchased online but In early January, I purchased one at a vendor while I was purchasing my 2020 OTC deer tag. When I look in my portal account, it shows that my license is expired and does not show my license purchase about 26 days...
  5. MTGomer

    MT- faster draw, bigger licenses, at home printing
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    More Wolves = More Water

    I guess I have been among the masses of uninformed people that believed Phoenix’s water supply issues were a consequence of persistent drought, climate change (nod to @Ben Lamb ), and most of all, 5+ million people living in the middle of one of the hottest and driest places on the planet. It’s...
  7. MTGomer

    Managing the ‘plethora of riches’ -Martha Williams on Meateater

    A podcast with Steven Rinella and the Director of MT FWP
  8. MTGomer

    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    Due to predictions that it may not be sunny and clear this weekend, above the rim, the USFS has taken it upon themselves to protect protect people from themselves by closing hundreds of miles of public roads. These are not just minor spur roads that you should be walking down anyways that many...
  9. MTGomer

    AZ State Land - ‘Restricted access’

    Anybody know what this means as far as huntability? I know it’s checkerboard, but assuming there is legal access (road through the section) is it huntable, or what does ‘restricted access’ mean. Not all state land sections say this but the ones in this area do. Also, this is an example of a...
  10. MTGomer

    Yvon Chouinard on Meateater Podcast

    Interesting man. Give it a listen
  11. MTGomer

    Trapper Jake

    On Amazon Prime. Worth a watch, brutal at times but real.
  12. MTGomer

    This guy does suck “Wild horses and burros are an iconic part of the American West and part of our national heritage," William Perry...
  13. MTGomer

    My Gear List

    A lot of discussion on gear on here, and I’m packing now so I figured I could put my list here. Maybe it could be useful to someone. This is what I’m taking to Alaska to help on an August dall sheep hunt. It would be adjusted to have warmer clothes for a later hunt This is what I’ve found...
  14. MTGomer

    Hunting Film Tour - Mesa, AZ July 27th

    Hello Hunt Talkers, especially Phoenix area hunt talkers. The Arizona Desert Bighorn Society is hosting The Hunting Film Tour Saturday, July 27th at The Mesa Arts Center. There will be a Stone Glacier backpack, Sitka Jetstream jacket, clothes and gear from Kuiu, Wilderness Athlete, Canyon...
  15. MTGomer

    SOLD:Kuiu Ultra Star 1p Tent $160

    SOLD I’m selling this Kuiu 1 man tent. It is in good condition. There are no rips or tears, the zipper functions and the guy lines are all intact. It has never been stored wet and is always hung loose in the garage to dry any condensation after every trip. The tent has been used. It may...
  16. MTGomer

    Montana - The Land of Opportunity

  17. MTGomer

    Backcountry Fuel Box

    A lot of people post on here and elsewhere looking for food lists or different ideas. I’ve been finding different and better things to eat lately, so I thought I’d share with the crowd the ‘Backcountry Fuel Box’. This is a monthly subscription box that costs around $30. Every month in the...
  18. MTGomer

    Sherlock needed for elk mystery

    Where did the North Hills elk go? FWP has graced every Montanan and thousands of NR the opportunity to hunt these elk for 10 weeks on a general tag and will sell an antlerless tag to anyone for private land for a hunt open Aug-Feb. Knowing this season structure, I’m at a loss for where the...
  19. MTGomer

    Smoking these meats

    A little light hearted Monday video. A statement that could be taken as being support of hunting at 1:20 One question... why does a billionaire have a backyard where he hasn’t stained his fence in 20 years.
  20. MTGomer

    The Montana Deer/Elk Draw Week

    Post here when you see results other than pending. Good luck. I declare this thread locked until then.