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  1. brownbear932008

    Great morning in VA.

    I haven't taken a bird in a few years. Just haven't hunted much last few years in the spring. This morning I hit a spot that had been holding about a dozen or so long beards. Climbed to my high point and hooted and yelled nothing. Couldn't believe it honestly I was pretty shocked 😲 Finally...
  2. brownbear932008

    VA. Elk and RMEF and others

    I have taken a few trips down the road 45 minutes the last few weeks to check out Virginia's elk herd. I haven't been able to visit the restoration area until now. Don't ask why I have no idea myself. The RMEF and VDGIF and lots of volunteers have done wonderful things in VA. I absolutely could...
  3. brownbear932008

    New Mexico first bull

    First off thanks to some very special guys here at HT who helped a guy out in a first time unit that I had to start from scratch on. it It's been a busy summer/fall. Lots of hiking shooting and other chores around the house with the family. I had drawn a pretty good elk tag in the spring in New...
  4. brownbear932008

    New Mexico results

    False alarm not out yet.... I'm just wondering when do you guys think we will see them? I'm going with Tues..... And I'm also drawing that first choice unit.;)
  5. brownbear932008

    Newfie Moose

    I was lucky enough to enjoy a great moose hunt in Newfoundland last week. Eight of us had the trip planned for almost two years. I know this is a DIY site but thought you guys may enjoy the hunt. This was definitely not an easy walk in the park guided hunt with animals right in camp and all...
  6. brownbear932008

    Canvas Tent Options

    Hey HT I have just purchased my first canvas tent a Montana Canvas that is best I can measure 16’X20’. I got a real steal on it for darn near nothing and the tent looks like it has very little use. Problem is the tent did not include a frame. So I need to make one or go the old pole style if...
  7. brownbear932008

    Hawaii hunt planning

    Hey fellow HT er's I am looking/planning a hunt/beach vacation to the Hawaiian islands next year. I have read through most threads on HT that have any info and numerous online resources the last few weeks. I thought hopefully I could get some opinions from you HT members that have been there...
  8. brownbear932008

    Virginia Woodies

    Well this weekend was a first for me I purchased my duck stamps and decided to take a 5 mile kayak float to look for woodies on a local stream I always wanted to try. This hunt has always been in the back of my mind but it seems deer season gets in the way every year. I began my float at...
  9. brownbear932008

    Possible new P&Y world record MT

    I can't believe nobody has thrown this up yet saying it may be a new record. Guess the B&C club has confirmed it taken in MT. Possibly in the breaks word is. Anyone have info floating around on it?
  10. brownbear932008

    Pelican rifle cases

    Hey folks! I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the warranty department with Pelican cases. I have a double rifle cases that was broken during a trip last year while being transported through Delta airlines. They broke a latch and totally cracked a corner which now has a 1/2 crack in it...
  11. brownbear932008

    MONTAN DEER hunt 2015

    Okay I am going to attempt to post my Montana trip from last fall in the crazies. We where able to hunt a private ranch last year that we got access to and we just saw tons of deer on the place. Going t o attempt a pic first. This was our morning view from the ranch cabin each day pic says it all.
  12. brownbear932008

    Virginia Elk Program

    I know there are several guys on the forum from the Virginia area so thought I would post this up feel free to share it with whom ever you would like. I have shared on Social Media with good results. Also hope some of you guys in other states take a look at this we all love to elk hunt in here...
  13. brownbear932008

    Good WV archery buck

    Well I have been wearing out the deer/bear stand this fall hoping to catch the big bear that keep's coming into my setup when I'm no longer there everyday it seems. But yesterday was pretty special for me. I had gotten to my stand really early and climbed up to watch the day come alive around...
  14. brownbear932008

    Idaho Elk Dworshak Zone

    Hey guys I have just picked up a leftover tag in this zone plan on hunting in the 10A area and I have never been up in that area of Idaho. Just wondering what to expect for say terrian and how the hunting may be in the area as far as animal size to expect and so forth. I know the area sees some...
  15. brownbear932008

    Crazies Drop Camp

    Hey guys I am looking at and have been researching into the Crazies for some time and I for the life of me can't find anyone that does drop offs in this range. I was wondering if any of you guys had any info in reference to this please just shoot me a PM if you would like with any info. I beat...
  16. brownbear932008

    Maine Moose Draws

    They are out as of now if anyone is looking. No luck here! Only 3 long shot tags on the big 3 in MT. is my only hope this year at this point.
  17. brownbear932008

    Don't try this at home ELITE BOW'S This is why you gotta love elite bows right here. I have never seen anything so crazy!
  18. brownbear932008

    Kentucky Elk Results out

    It's a no go for wife and I. But for you guys that love to gamble your dollars away they are now out. The odds there are terrible but hey someone has to get lucky!:confused:
  19. brownbear932008

    Montana Breaks Mulie Hunt Success!

    Well the hunting was tough this year for my buddy but I got er done in two hours on the first day! Nicest buck I have gotten yet grosses about 165" and well as far as the hunt wish I could say I hunted my ass off all week daylight to dark but just didn't happen that way. I was hunting my...
  20. brownbear932008


    I just can't believe my luck I have been down and out all year thinking I am really unlucky at drawing these primo tags 6 states 0 tags with multiple animals this year:( Well it all changed this evening when my wife was checking emails and asked do you know this chicks name. I said nope never...