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    LOL. Mine too! Thanks
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    The tent, tarps and angles fit in three totes. My wife made canvas bags for the poles, one for legs, one for sides/ridges, one for roof poles. The awning poles have their own bags so we don’t have to take them in the summer when we camp. I use 3 rolls of light indoor/outdoor carpet inside the...
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    WTB Wall Tent or outfitter tent

    Another vote for Davis. Great tent, great customer service.
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    I spent a couple of months researching wall tents a few years ago. There are a lot of great tents out there. I talked to several companies and went with Davis due to the customer service. I couldn’t be happier. I ordered the pole connectors for the awning and use a tarp that covers the tent and...
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    Question about Elevation

    Agreed. But if both areas have these then personally I would go high.
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    Picked up a dog today....

    You certainly did the right thing. Thank you!
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    Whats on the grill?

    Grilled pizza is great! And quicker than heating up the pizza oven. We grill almost every weekend no matter what the weather. Everything tastes better grilled.
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    I started the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants 3 weeks ago in the seed starter. Tomorrow after dinner we’ll plant them in cow pots and put under a long grow light until we can plant in the garden. I’ll start pumpkins, melons and gourds about May 1 in cow pots. We usually plant Memorial Day. It’s...
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    Camofire - Buyer Beware

    I am a sales manager and yes it is an easy call. A good customer with no previous issues, I replace the order and work with my shipping company rep to resolve it on my end. You don’t penalize your customers for your shipping company’s mistakes.
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    Worst wild game dish

    Growing up the rule was if you shot it you ate it. I shot a sage hen once and Dad made me bring it home. Mom is a great wild game cook but even she couldn’t make that thing edible. It tasted like gnawing on a chunk of sagebrush stem.... I ate it though.
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    Fresh rubs March????

    I once found a shed on the ground at the base of a very recently rubbed willow. That convinced me they rub to shed.
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    EDITED: Artifacts found while hunting / hiking?

    In Nevada where we often hunt you can find Native American sheep blinds on ridge tops. Most are just piles of rocks but the coolest one I’ve found was U shaped and big enough to sit in. I spent most of one day sitting in it watch for deer and being amazed that I was hunting in a structure built...
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    Forum Upgrade Coming

    I would like to add my thanks for this forum. I know it’s got to be a lot of work and that is greatly appreciated!
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    Shoulda ate the sheep nuts!

    This is true!
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    Lowa consistent in fit?

    I really like Lowa boots. But they do fit differently between styles for me. I have to try them on.
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    Backcountry Camp Shoes

    I heaped ridicule and shame on my brother in law for years about his crocs. I have neuromas in both feet that finally got to the point I could hardly walk barefoot from the bed to the bathroom. So in a weak moment I bought a pair on sale to try. I will probably never live long enough to hear the...
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    My 2018 season on public lands recap PIC HEAVY

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing!
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    Favorite Public Land Pictures

    My daughter took this last deer season. Looking west from the top of the Monitors