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  1. BearFoot

    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    There was a guy, Charlie Vandergaw who fed bears and made a bunch of friends. He would put electric fence around his planes for protection, but had no need for anything else. Vandergaw, a former bear hunter, has confessed to having close calls with bears
  2. BearFoot

    Sheep attacked by wolves on north central Wisconsin farm

    Areas I hunt, one can take ten wolf a day, but not that easy. Slippery buggers
  3. BearFoot

    The Gaslighting of the American Sportsman

    Bristol Bay commercial fishing, is it about the money? Is it about making a profit? I believe these industries can co-exist, but folks much smarter than me, shall make the final call.
  4. BearFoot

    Thoughts on rain gear

    Helly Hansen Impertech, is my go to for Alaska. Backpacking, Marmot PreCip raingear
  5. BearFoot

    Grizzly Bear Protection Act

    Years back I could take a grizz once every four years and had to have a tag. Then came one bear every year, no tag required. In recent years, grizzly can now be taken over bait. Populations seem to be doing ok, in my backyard.
  6. BearFoot

    The Gaslighting of the American Sportsman

    The article takes the anti side of the debate, while others are working through, the multi years long process seeking approval. If allowed to proceed or not, will depend on the plans, science and studies. Plenty of public input also. A new green deal is gonna need a lot of copper and Pebble has it.
  7. BearFoot

    Finally got my piece of the Alaskan dream!

    Congrats Dave. An adventure for sure! Ditto on the bug dope
  8. BearFoot

    Overcoming Jelly Legs--Mentoring Boys in the Outdoors

    "I'm all about positivity." and "enthusiasm " Nice coaching. A most excellent day!
  9. BearFoot

    Backcountry Trout Season

  10. BearFoot

    Backcountry deodorant

    Every critter has its aroma. I'm the best smell'n sqauch in the woods! All ways mind full of wind patterns, and rinse/bath every chance I get in bone chill'n water!
  11. BearFoot

    Venison Loin dinner

    looks amazing! Well done!
  12. BearFoot

    Venison Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Good eat'n right there! Do a version of this with moose burger.
  13. BearFoot

    The one that got away...

    We go by the eyes being 10" across. This guy is over 50" and got a pass. First day.
  14. BearFoot

    The one that got away...

    We traveled two days to get to camp. The start of a 14 day hunt. The first evening, a mile from camp, we called or rather sang moose songs. Wind was blowing, trees and brush swaying. We watched the sky turn evening pink and orange, while snacking on pistachios nuts. A bull appeared! We watched...
  15. BearFoot

    Moose lengua

    My first time trying this. Quick blend in a magic bullet: water, chipolte peppers w/ adobo sauce. Toss in instapot with oninos and bay leaf. Pressure cooked 50 min, checked and gave it 15 more. Diced up for lengua tacos!
  16. BearFoot

    Uncle Ted

    The lights went down and the twang of a guitar started to rise. Spotlight found Ted standing on top of stacked amplifiers, wearing knee high boots with feather fringe. Not much else. Tarzan like he swung across the stage and dropped on center. The show was on!
  17. BearFoot

    My wife's buck

    Nice work
  18. BearFoot

    Haul Road Caribou

    Ability to fix tires, if required. Spare fuel. A long dirt road with very few services. google Dalton Highway or Haul road alaska. Lots of images
  19. BearFoot

    My wife's Goodwill find

    Wife has an eye for the hunter guy!
  20. BearFoot

    40 inch Moose

    Ears are tricky. Moose radar. They can be straight up. Flat out. Moose can rotate each ear independently. Ears move a lot. They hear very well. See not so good. Ears, I do not trust to determine antler width.