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  1. Madman

    Anyone wanting to get rid of a Caldwell Lead Sled?

    Looking into getting a Caldwell sled.....Wanted to see if anyone had one they wanted to get rid of that might be up my alley.
  2. Madman

    Sitka Mountain Jacket XL Optifade Open Country-Tags still on $175 plus shipping

    I have a Sitka Mountain Jacket XL Optifade Open Country-Tags still on, got as a gift but no receipt, asking $175 plus shipping (Should be $8-$12). If you need pictures I can provide as soon as I get my phone back (Battery Replacement).
  3. Madman

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Howdy! Welcome aboard!
  4. Madman

    Park runs to get you hunt fit!

    If anyone wants some assistance getting fit at altitude, I have to pour a foundation and build my cabin this summer near Granite Colorado at about 10500 feet. Anyone wanting a personal trainer in the form of manual labor contact me, and I won't even charge! :)
  5. Madman

    Metcalf or Pintler

    I have the Metcalf for myself and the Women's Pintler for my wife. I like the option of being able to carry more gear if needed, as it compresses down pretty good. The important part of the Pintler was the overload shelf, or whatever you call it, for attaching quarters/boned out meat bags. If...
  6. Madman

    Montana Deer Hunting Question

  7. Madman

    Montana Deer Hunting Question

    Think it is 702,704, and 705 area if those are the correct terms for it. Looking on OnX.
  8. Madman

    Montana Deer Hunting Question

    Thank you for the info. The area I was looking at is the South Central to east above the Wyoming Border. I left my print out of the regs in my other pick up, but will look over them for which area/unit it is. Also plan on making a call to Dow/Fish and Wildlife or whatever they are called during...
  9. Madman

    Sportsmen for Trump & the selling out of the American Sportsman

    I'm cautious of ANYTHING that comes out of Boulder.....
  10. Madman

    Montana Deer Hunting Question

    Couple of quick questions for those of you familiar with Montana's hunting regulations. I am just starting to look at expanding into hunting other states, and am curious if Montana differentiates whitetails from mule deer on their tags....from eyeballing the regulations it doesn't appear so, but...
  11. Madman

    Any thoughts on daypacks with hydration systems

    I've used hydration bladders for about 15 years now, prefer it to bottles. I much prefer it to bottles. I used to run a cabelas version but it split open, and I replaced it with a camel back....that was well over 13 years ago and have had zero issues. As mentioned above, the tubes tend to freeze...
  12. Madman

    Semi-Urgent Question!

    You are probably good, but if you want to rest assured good, take a little time and swing by a gunsmith for that extra piece of mind.....
  13. Madman

    Unsolicited Recognition

    I'm just waiting for him to get those new Leupold Laser Range Finder Binocs in stock!!!
  14. Madman

    We will take your truck.

    I am not going to try to change anyone's mindset, but let me tell you a funny story about enclosed vehicles and elk (by which I mean anything without a bed you can dump the elk in, be it a car or suv). I mentioned in previous stories on here my old hunting buddy Harry Sprague. One particular...
  15. Madman

    Honest opinion on taking the month off work for elk season? Please help!!

    GO HUNTING WHILE YOU CAN!!!!! Tomorrow is never promised...........
  16. Madman

    We will take your truck.

    I use my truck most of the time, but being a Raptor I do find it a bit difficult in the really narrow areas, so when the going gets really rough......I bust out the Jeep.....It's been doing this stuff for 70+ I'm sure it's seen and done it all! Bit cold of a ride when the Snow is...
  17. Madman

    Remembering my Hunting Buddy

    I appreciate it, everyone...His memory being shared is like he is still with me.....and to quote one of my favorite replies, someone was cutting up onions as I wrote it as well!
  18. Madman

    Tennessee please

    Hate to see you go, Bro!
  19. Madman

    Remembering my Hunting Buddy

    I was chatting with a member on here about hunting, and he said something o the effect of listening to an old man brag about memories of the past, and it made me think of my hunting partner and great friend, Harry Sprague. Harry was a retired Marine Corp Colonel with 3 tours of Vietnam under his...