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  1. BrentD

    Bino harness

    Me too. I started a long and really useful (to me at least) thread on this topic last year. Came down to Marsupial vs. the rest of the world and the Marsupials won (unlike the first time). I bought mine just before they upgraded their system. I could almost sell my old one and buy the new...
  2. BrentD

    Convincing the wife to move..

    Add Red Lodge to your list. Personally, and on limited knowledge, I would skip Billings.
  3. BrentD

    music preferences

    You know, I was the same way but I caught a public television program on the history of rap/hip hop (I don't know if there is a difference), and there was some really good stuff in it. I was surprised, but with the right person picking the selections, it can be pretty interesting. That said...
  4. BrentD

    “Long range”/ smokeless muzzleloaders

    I'm all in on any sort of reduction in bow technology. The majority of the archery seasons were conceived around the glass-wood laminate recurves by Bear, Pearson, Redwing, etc. Lets see, a 100-5x last year at 200 with 1 MOA x-ring (standard NRA targets are all 1 MOA x-ring, 2 MOA 10-ring) 92...
  5. BrentD

    Escouting lowish elevation Mule Deer in Wyoming

    We burned a couple points. I think point creep will squash that now though. Saw lots of does. Good numbers of pencil bucks (yearlings), one 2 yr old (partner, and one mature buck on the last day that gave me only a Texas Heart Shot, so I let it walk.
  6. BrentD

    Escouting lowish elevation Mule Deer in Wyoming

    I dont think 36 is an easy draw anymore. The biologist for 36 is my first grad student.
  7. BrentD

    “Long range”/ smokeless muzzleloaders

    ImBillT - I don't have any pictures of great groups since I do not often shoot for group with muzzleloaders. I can give you some scores shot in competition. That said, I don't feel that long range muzzleloaders - even traditional ones - necessarily belong in a muzzleloader season, most of...
  8. BrentD

    Favorite NON-Premium Bullet

    535 grns at 30:1. Definitely kills anything and everything out of a .45-2.6" :)
  9. BrentD

    Wolf researcher on Meateater

    Hard to say what to make of that. It sounds like hear-say and one person's opinion. It does not look like an extraction from a peer-reviewed publication. I don't want to dismiss it out of hand, but it certainly seems, at best, pretty trivial and worst, just guesswork. "no more than two...
  10. BrentD

    Wolf researcher on Meateater

    I think the paper you cite supports her claim of no wolves in Michigan at that time. Generally, when a biologist says there are no xyz in Somewheresville, he or she generally means there is no breeding population. While a mountain lion roams downtown Des Moines Iowa at the moment, showing up...
  11. BrentD

    Turkeys - lets see em

  12. BrentD

    I couldn't stop myself.. Gun Auction.

    What did the boyfriend end up with?
  13. BrentD

    More discussion on non-lead ammo - New York Times

    I'm doubtful of that. Everything I have read is that to get lead poisoning from metal lead (vs. lead oxides, e.g.) is that you have to constantly ingest it to make it matter. Might be wrong.
  14. BrentD

    More discussion on non-lead ammo - New York Times

    Isotopes work. Interesting and concerning.
  15. BrentD

    More discussion on non-lead ammo - New York Times

    How does he know it was from birdshot? Not being argumentative just curious to know how certain they are of the source.
  16. BrentD

    Possible wildlife issue that may turn into a marriage issue

    Man, I do not see this ending well for the OP at all. Gotta learn to give and take. With emphasis on the former. I married into a pair of cats, and I'm mildly allergic to them. So we made some compromises including a cat garden for them to hang in most of the day and keeping them out of...
  17. BrentD

    Friday Fun Music

    Ms. Europe requested this, which I am only too happy to do I see a bunch of things that are new to me. I am looking forward to listening to them soon, while I finish grading final exams and assigning final grades.
  18. BrentD

    Teal decoys

    Done. I notice they have some good deals right now on mallard dekes. I'll wait and see what comes up.