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  1. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    Kansas springtime weather can be extremely active, and the TV meteorologists had predicted a very bumpy extended weekend. Friday morning brought hail/wind/heavy rains, and business issues required me to forgo a Friday evening sortie versus the wily Rio Grande turkeys of south central Kansas. I...
  2. kansasdad

    First Year Turkey Hunting

    I have found that archery turkey is exponentially more difficult than shotgun hunting. Birds that would have been tagged and riding out on my sling walk away unscathed if I have my bow with me. Just can't shoot through brush and be sure of a lethal hit, and throwing 400+ pellets versus on arrow...
  3. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    Wednesday evening I hot footed it out of town, as I knew that the public wildlife area that I think I know like my own backyard was going to show extreme environment changes due to rain events in south central Kansas and subsequent lake levels rising. 6 feet above normal pool level, the lake and...
  4. kansasdad

    My POW black bear hunt

    A grand adventure was had, and I imagine you had quite a memorable moment with the spreading of your father's ashes. Well done
  5. kansasdad

    Wife got it done!

    The paduwon learner has progressed into a turkey jedi! Congratulations to both of you.
  6. kansasdad

    $100 in gift cards at Cabelas

    And you prove just how long it has been, as with the merger with Bass Pro Shops, the old bargain cave is no more. Insert sad emoji face here!
  7. kansasdad

    Bino harness

    Badlands magnetic closure for me. If you aren't a little intentional with closure it makes a sound on closure. Saved my phone and binoculars from a dunking last night when the creek crossing went from calf deep to nipple deep in one step. :eek:
  8. kansasdad

    Another SE AK bear hunt.

    Beautiful memory! It seems to me that he likes the space already
  9. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

  10. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    Neighborhood suburban turkey images
  11. kansasdad


    A cynical part of me asks a question.......How far from the Everglades is it to Mar-a-lago?
  12. kansasdad

    How do you guys hunt bears every year?

    Hope you find a big old waddling boar in your crosshairs LCH.
  13. kansasdad

    Turkeys - lets see em

    Bearded hen spotted this afternoon.
  14. kansasdad

    Sask bear down

    Looks like a perfect coat on a big ol bruin. Congratulations
  15. kansasdad

    Teal decoys

    Wingsupply dot com offers decoys periodically at significant savings. Currently showing half dozen bluewing decoys for $30, free shipping with $50 purchase.
  16. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    Reporting in from SOGGY SOGGY south central Kansas. Rainfall totals over 10 inches over a 60 hour period have swollen rivers, closed roads and re-routed turnpike traffic as well as caused the lake to rise by over 5 feet from pool elevation levels. This weekend will most likely see multiple areas...
  17. kansasdad

    Western Colorado Merriam

    I love the pic of your son in his dinosaur shirt holding a modern day dinosaur by the legs. Congratulations
  18. kansasdad

    Is it always going to be like this?

    Its the best ever to help someone get their first turkey, and what a turkey for her. Congratulations
  19. kansasdad

    Proud parents ...... a good weekend!!!

    May he continue to grow in wisdom and character, and be a blessing to you all your days. Congratulations
  20. kansasdad

    2019 Nebraska turkey hunt

    Awesome first photo! Congratulations on another fine turkey spring vacay.