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  1. Duck-Slayer

    Columbia River springers

    Too many boats lol congrats Matt
  2. Duck-Slayer

    Honest opinion on taking the month off work for elk season? Please help!!

    Go hunting! I was a unfortunate person who had one of those freak vehicle accidents at age 23! Almost lost my life, had to learn to walk again! I will never push off going hunting ever! Good luck, Matt
  3. Duck-Slayer

    Fitness for mountains when you live at sea level - thoughts?

    My limited experience, I do a cardio stationary bike ride 1 a week at the gym, 3 days a week I run 3 miles as fast as I can, light weights after each day. On the bike ride day I double up on the run and bike. For running I use a stationary elliptical type machine, designed for running, saves my...
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    Congrats great eats right there! Matt
  5. Duck-Slayer

    ONX waypoint uploads

    Text it, Matt
  6. Duck-Slayer

    ID Big 3 Deadline Tomorrow

    I checked today.... not to worried about it, if I draw I will probably have to turn my tag in.... heel surgery.... Matt
  7. Duck-Slayer

    ID Big 3 Deadline Tomorrow

    We can only hope for Friday.... Matt
  8. Duck-Slayer

    Jumbo perch!

    Let me know if you do! Matt
  9. Duck-Slayer

    Wow What’s happening here?

    I’ll help anyone who has contributed to this site any day of the week if I’m around. I’ve met some great friends off this site. Just ignore most newbies this time of year..... hope things brighten up! I know my tournament Bowfishing season starts this weekend so I’m in a dang good mood! Matt
  10. Duck-Slayer

    Jumbo perch!

    Them Crappie on Brownlee this year are no joke! Matt
  11. Duck-Slayer

    Jumbo perch!

    Yea this lake is no secret here the last 6-7 years. My suggestion is to not wait. Matt
  12. Duck-Slayer

    Gun raid in CA

    I’m good.... my kids know just like I knew when I was a kid what happens when you get out of line and go/do things that are not right! Which more parents need to get back to how a lot of us were taught as a young person! Maybe than there won’t be as many problems as there are now! It’s this past...
  13. Duck-Slayer

    Gun raid in CA

    Exactly! Both my kids have had BB guns since they were six or seven years old. I don’t like any of my guns up, both my young children know what guns are, and what they can do. Sounds like parents need to start doing more parenting lol 😂 Matt
  14. Duck-Slayer

    Jumbo perch!

    Had a great day on Cascade Lake yesterday! Took almost all day to find the Jumbos, well worth the effort. Brent and I ended up with 45. I would say the average size was 14”. Had 3 of the 23 I kept that were over 15”. That cutting board is 15” wide. Matt
  15. Duck-Slayer

    Spring time in North Idaho

    Pick me up next year 😉 Matt
  16. Duck-Slayer


    NAP Thunderhead XPs for a long time. Last 4 years it’s been the DirtNapGear DRT 125 double bevel. Put just about ant broadhead in the right spot and they won’t go far. Matt
  17. Duck-Slayer

    Light weight game bags for bone out Elk

    I use Black Ovis Deer bags, have 2 sets of them. They fit a boned out elk great! Matt
  18. Duck-Slayer

    2019 BHA Rendezvous

    Big Fin sighting.... Matt
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    Very tasty! Matt
  20. Duck-Slayer

    2019 BHA Rendezvous

    Was a fun night! Ended up hanging out with Michael and Marcus most of the night, along with some fellow ND guys. I’ll be back down for the film fest tonight. Matt