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    Whats your take on the "GLYPHOSATE" Round Up Lawsuit in California

    Yep. That is one of the main reasons I am not very fond of “organic” foods at the store. The yield per acre is lower for organic farming resulting in more acres disturbed to produce the same amount of food. Result: less acres for wildlife.
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    First time hunter rifle

    I would love to find a woman 5” or 6” tall...better yet, I would pay money to see one shoot ANY rifle.
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    357 Magnum loads for hunting

    I was reloading the 158gr XTP on top of H110 in my GP100 until I decided that reloading for handguns wasn’t really worth it for my hunting (lions out to 30 yards tops). I then switched to the 140gr Barnes factory load as I have had such great performance with Barnes in my rifles, but have yet...
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    Mini trucks

    Suzuki samurais are popular in places outside the US for hunting like this.
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    Looking for binoculars under $100
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    Favorite Pictures

    Drive Hwy 16 from Buffalo to Gillette in late summer...absolutely unreal the number of deer and antelope.
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    First time hunter rifle

    I would not trust a 243 on elk unless the elk was in an open field and you could watch it die. Doubtful it would leave blood unless it was a young of year calf. I shot a bull elk with my 25.06 at 40 yards straight through the heart blood. And the bullet was recovered on the hide...
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    Escouting lowish elevation Mule Deer in Wyoming

    I want to reply in ransom note style like this. How did you do it?
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    Info on Wyoming elk area 129

    Thanks for the hot tip. Never knew about that easement. Hope no one else reads this...
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    First time hunter rifle

    25.06. I have introduced a few people to hunting and all seem to like that gun for its lower recoil but great killing capacity.
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    Info on Wyoming elk area 129

    Hot tip: take your rifle instead.
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    Little League

    What’s wrong with 3rd base? It’s called the hot corner for a reason. I played baseball up into college and was mostly a pitcher but when I wasn’t pitching I played right field. Why? I was one of the few kids who could no hop home plate from right field fence. I thought playing right field...
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    Wyoming Elk and Deer Seasons

    129 has had that season for quite a while, nothing new. Matter of fact, 129 and 126 used to all be 129 with that season up until a few years ago. IF you are able to shoot a bull in September in 129 on public land without an outfitter, that is a great achievement. The first 2 elk I shot were in...
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    Gun Bearer?

    Make sure the top Velcro piece is tight on the stock and not connected to the barrel. Preferable below the swivel stud if you can. That helped my gun stay put in the gunbearer.
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    No Shooting Within A Quarter-Mile Of A Structure

    Doesn’t discharge of a firearm include wherever the bullet goes?
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    Utah Spring Bear Hunt

    Hound hunting for bears is one of the most underrated hunting experiences out there. Some bears go 30 minutes and tree, others go 2 days and you never see them at all.
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    Sask bear down

    Way to go!
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    BLM wilderness study area in Wyoming

    Just for giggles my “No” response was pretty clear, and correct :)
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    WA Bear proposal, support needed!

    Yet they had hound hunts for cougars after it was banned...the WDFW could do it if they wanted to.